How Was the Earth Formed?

Have you ever wondered how our beautiful planet Earth has formed? How its flowing rivers, heightened mountains and green nature has formed? How its tough exterior came in to existence? It sure seems that the making of earth must have been a big task as this is the only planet having life on it. Although researches are constantly saying that the planet Mars too has the capability of bearing life on it, but it hasn’t still been completely proven.

The formation of the Earth was sure not a simple task that happened in a matter of seconds, minutes, hour or days. It took many hundreds of years for the Earth to form. The history of the evolution of Earth has been supposed by the geologists, scientists and cosmologists after extensive research. It is said that the Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

It is believed that the Earth was formed from Solar Nebula which was a result of the Big Bang of Super Nova. This Solar Nebula was formed of gases and a huge cloud of dust particles. The gases in this Solar Nebula were broadly Hydrogen and Helium. Due to other heavy matter and these gases contraction started taking place due to cooling down of the temperature.

While the Nebula was contracting, it started to rotate too. This process speeded up and contraction, rotation and cooling of the temperature started happening at a rapid speed. Due to accelerated speed the outer part of the Nebula separated from its structure. This outer part formed into rings with the continued process of cooling down and shrinking. The rings then started sticking to each other and took the shape of a ball. This ball is what we call the Earth.

The story of the formation of the Earth doesn’t stop here. After the Earth came in to existence, the gases it was formed with cooled down so much so that they liquefied. This liquid became the Lava but the cooling process did not stop. After many years of cooling the liquid form of the gases, called the Lava solidified. This solid form became the outer surface of the Earth which we know call the crust.

Apart from the gases other heavier matter was present too in the formation of the earth. This heavy matter was actually the liquid form of metals. Due to their density and mass they fell towards the centre of the earth. Their density increased so much that their temperature rose and formed, what we call, the Core of the Earth.

The rest of the material was neither too hot nor too cold. It was neither too heavy nor too light. So it took its position in between the core and the Earth forming the middle layer of the earth. This middle layer is called the Mantle. All this process took hundreds of years to complete.

The formation of earth has a lot of theories attached to it. Scientists for many years had been debating over this subject as nobody exactly knew how our earth was formed. Everyone estimated its formation through calculations and other Astrophysics numericals. Geologists and cosmologists had their separate ways of identifying Earth’s formation.

Most of the scientists believed in the Big Bang theory, in which the Super Nova exploded and all the other matter came in to existence from there. Some believe that the bang took place as an outcome of the collapsing black hole which was grasping energy larger than its own gravitational force. The others believe that the universe has been expanding and throwing all the bodies away and then again attracting closer towards the centre.

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