How many satellites are orbiting the earth?

The satellites in the space are tracked down by the Space Surveillance Network of United States. It has tracked approximate number of currently 3,000 satellites in the orbit around the Earth. These satellites are the ones which are in proper working condition and in the correct locations on the orbits.

Satellites from countries
Satellites have a lifespan of about five to twenty years. At present the major powers of the world have close to 1000 satellites each with countries like USA sending close to 1000 satellites and Russia with 1400 satellites. The largest satellite in the earth’s orbit is the International Space Station. There are other satellites called nano-satellites, which have a maximum size of 10 cm orbiting the Earth.

The SSN was launched with the sole purpose of keeping a note on the number of satellites revolving in the Earth’s orbit. It was launched along with the Sputnik by Soviet Union in the year 1957.

Important Satellites
Satellites have eased down a number of things. Of the 3000 satellites circling around the earth, ten of them are of great importance. These satellites have varied functions. Some play an important role for astronomical and communication purposes and some are exclusively for a check on the weather and research. The Hubble Space Telescope has been an important part in solving the mysteries of space. The International Space Station stands as a congregation of all the countries in the world while the LANDSAT- 7 has been crucial for charting out maps of Earth from space. Google maps have been using the images from this satellite for its mapping application. The other satellites have been the key to research and for forecasts on the weather conditions throughout the world.

Moon, the natural satellite of the earth is responsible for the tides on the planet along with changes in seasons and eclipses, is among the most important satellite for earth.

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