What is Blue Screen of Death and what causes it?

Blue screen of death is a colloquial phrase used by computer technicians to describe what is officially known as a Stop error in computers. A blue screen appears on the monitor with text in white when the system experiences a critical error and needs to shut down to protect damage to the memory. The appearance of a blue screen during a process means that the only solution to the error is to restart the computer; therefore the phrase ‘screen of death’ was coined to denote the finality of the situation.

A BSOD appears usually when a hardware or hardware driver is installed, which causes certain drivers to become incompatible. Trying to install softwares or hardware which is incompatible with your computer’s configuration can also cause the error to appear. If a hardware component has a buggy device driver, if there is a real time conflict between hardware or an installed application tries to divide by zero, you are likely to get this error. Sometimes this screen might also appear after a considerable time since installing something new, which means that a normal driver has become outdated now. The best solution to getting rid of the blue screen is to reinstall the hardware or software properly after booting the system in safe mode.

If the computer is unable to read properly from the boot device or some recent change in its configuration has caused a driver to become corrupt, then also a blue screen of death can be displayed. Another method to get rid of the blue screen for good is to make a recovery CD of your computer, and then using it to boot up your system and running the repair tool. If the error has appeared because of some serious error in the machine’s registry, then the safest bet for you to avoid losing data is to get professional help in repairing your computer or call the hardware vendor if you have recently installed a component, before you try to boot your system again.

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