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How to get a date?

Are you are attractive, fun, lovable, interesting and still find it difficult to find a date? Well, if that is the case you are not doing the things in the right “dateable” way. Attractions between women and men is little complex but yet very simple. The dating world may sound harsh, crazy and weird. Some people believe you need to master the art in order to get a date. Mastering the art will definitely help you, but if you follow some basic rules, then even you will have a date by tomorrow.

Here are some sure shot thumb rules:

You need to be social. – It’s impossible to get a date if people who are also looking for a date don’t know that even you are available. Meeting new people and mingling is much better than hanging around alone. Try visiting functions, church, market place, college functions, clubs and work.

You need to be yourself. – If you learn to be confident, you shall discover the best ways to get a date. Be comfortable about your looks like skin color, hair, etc. Never try to change your look completely and portray yourself as someone. The trick is to be you confidently.

CouplePatience is required. – The scene of going on a date may consume a lot of time and especially if it is between two new faces. So don’t be impatient as it shows on the face.

Send out the correct signals. – You need to send signals to the person you are interested to date. If you look away, hide and keep postponing topics, you will not be able to get a date. You can send signals while casual questions like – what do you do in evenings generally?

Ask for it. – This is the sure shot way to get a date. If you think the opponent is interested, just ask for a date. Do not bother about rejection, give it a try.

How to flirt successfully?

Flirting is an art which improves with practice. And I’m sure that everyone must have tried their hand on it sometime or the other. Most individuals don’t realize that they are flirting until it is all said and done. Many people flirt but they aren’t many who are good at it. Can you do it nicely or would like to know some inner secrets to fare better? Many times flirting has also been defined as an act to arouse sexual interest in the other person. However, if you look deep, it is nothing but a very natural behavior to intimate the person you like.

The very first basic which aids flirting is the presentation. Body language always speaks louder than words so it’s very vital to present oneself impressively. So no matter whom you flirt with it, and wherever you do it, give attention to your body language. Adverted eyes and crossed arms never work because they signal that you are not interested. Body language works amazingly, so use it as your hidden tool. Plenty of signals can be sent in a flirting manner from the way you smile, the way you move, the way you sit and how you walk and so on.

FlirtingAnother vital thing for successful flirting is what you say and how you speak. This is the main thing which affects the whole flirtation process. When you talk, make sure it’s informal and try and play with it. Keep the conversation light and don’t focus on “all about me” attitude. Moreover, if you are in a crowded area, never speak loud instead try speaking in the ear. And please maintain lots of eye contact, which can be coupled with touching shoulder or hands. Let the other person speak and revert back so that you can know his feelings.

Besides some quick tips which can help you:

• Don’t use sexual orientated and corny lines, which are fully sugar coated. For instance – did it hurt when you fell down from the heaven?

• Conversations are always successful when both the parties have their space. Give the other person space to speak and give his opinions.

• Flirt moderately and interestingly so that you enjoy it.