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How to get rid of dust inside Computer?

Computers have become a part of our everyday lives. But over time inside parts get dust accumulated in them. Dust enters through the pores or the net provided for processor fan’s outlet, and other open vents on CPU’s cabinet. So it is important to dust them up regularly to ensure smooth working. Dusting and cleaning a computer should be on daily basis, but it can become difficult to keep up the cleanliness. However overtime dust gets accumulated on the inside parts, which can only be removed by opening the cabinet, however, without the cleaning, the computer can get grimy and deteriorate in performance. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it dusted and clean on a regular basis. Many people hate to clean a computer but now there are solutions which help remove the dust easily.

You will need all of the following to maintain a clean computer:
• Mini air compressors preferred (electricity run)
• Wrist strap that is not static
• A dust mask to protect you from dust entering lungs
• Cleaning rag which is anti-static
• A fiber based brush which is also anti static
• Some cleaning fluid
• Micro mini vacuum cleaner having a plastic nozzle for cleaning the keyboard
• Plastic containers of small size

First read the manual of instructions of your computer. Cut the power to your computer and remove all plugs and wires connected to it. Keep track of what wire fits in which socket so that you do not have a problem later when rejoining it all. Sit down with the computer in an open area which you can clean up later.

Open up the casing for the CPU with a screwdriver. Then, wearing the static wrist band and the mask, use the small vacuum cleaner around the insides of the CPU carefully and remove the dust inside. Then you need to air the CPU by using the small air-pressure compressor/blower. Using the non-static brush carefully, clean all the dust. Use the cleaning fluid after thoroughly checking to see it does not harm the computer. Use a cloth which is anti-static and rub all over the computer to remove grime, dirt and dust from it.

Put together the computer. You should repeat this kind of cleaning every 6 months for best results.

To keep dust away, place the computer on an elevated level. However, never use a hair dryer to clean the computer since it blows hot air and the parts inside of the computer may get damaged.

How to Get Rid of Shyness?

Shyness is a huge problem for some. Its cause may be lack of self confidence, hesitation, a feeling of worthlessness or even depression. It can be a big hindrance in public speaking, interaction or discussion. Shyness must not be ignored and measures should be taken to decrease it.

It is important for people suffering from shyness to mingle among people. They must go to places where they would be required to interact with people. Being self conscious is also a big problem. Be comfortable with who you are. Behave naturally. Do not wear masks or try to be what you are not. Going for counseling or attending workshops are of great help. Building up self confidence and boosting morale is very important. Slowly and steadily you will overcome shyness completely.

Shyness becomes a problem when it comes to your professional life. One cannot afford to be shy while talking to colleagues and bosses. Introvert behavior can cause problems many times. People might mistake you to be an arrogant person.

A simple way of overcoming shyness is do what you evade most. If you hesitate in talking to people or going to parties or places where people will gather to talk; do that the most. Go to those places and try to face the people. Try talking to them. Initiate a conversation all by yourself. Starting a conversation will boost up your confidence like never before. Mingling among people and making friends will help the most.

While you talk to people you must not be conscious of your looks or behavior. Don’t worry about what you might say, or that you could make a fool out of yourself. Be polite and dress well and there is nothing more to that. Being overtly self conscious will pass a negative message to the people you are talking to. They will immediately make out that you lack self confidence.

If you still can’t muster up courage to talk to people many confidence building workshops and personality development classes are held. Attend them. Take most out of it. Make use of that. Feel that they are there to help you get rid of your shyness and they are your guides. Don’t hesitate in asking the instructors questions if you have any in your mind. Discuss your problem with them and they will come up with a practical solution for it. If the solution doesn’t help ask them for another alternative and that will work.

If you feel that you are not capable enough of talking to other people or feel inferior to them talk to a person you trust the most. Talk to him/her. Ask for their advice. Try to stay among people who love you and care for you. They will make you feel special. They will appreciate you. This will boost up your confidence. It will make you feel happy about who you are.

Try speaking in front of mirror just see that you are delivering words, and delivering them correctly nothing else matters your looks, your stuttering etc would improve automatically.

If the condition worsens and you get a feeling of worthlessness or depression, consult a doctor. It will help you a great deal.

Treat your shyness or it will become your second nature. Start taking steps today to get rid of your shyness. Remember delaying is ignoring.

How does recycling affect the environment?

Recycling can be defined as an act of reusing used materials or products by processing them. This helps our environment by reducing the burden on natural resources which are getting depleted significantly. A common example of recyclable items today is paper, which is then converted to new paper products. Glass, tin, wood, etc. are some of the other items that can be recycled. Recycling is very good for the environment in many ways. Some of these include:

Lowers landfill amount
Too much landfill means a huge problem for mankind and other animal species. Non-biodegradable products accumulated for a long period means harmful and toxic gases. Recycling prevents the same.

Recycle SymbolReduces consumption of energy
Natural resources are drying out. This applies for oil, forests, metals, mines, etc. Hence, recycling helps by reusing the resource once again, instead of digging into mother earth for more. It requires lower energy to use recycled wood as it would take many years for a plant to become a full-grown tree.

Reduces pollution
As landfills lead to harmful emission of gases and other toxic wastes they pollute the environment. If you ever pass a landfill during humid and warm summer months you would hate the stench caused due to toxic gases. Recycling helps in reducing the landfill deposits and making the world a better place to live.

Recycled goods cost less compared to regular items. You can also reduce other costs by recycling methods at home. For instance, use natural rotten veggies or your pet pee can actually be a good fertilizer for the garden. Recycle the grass and leaves to create a compost of them.

It is time to act now. Recycling can help your children breathe fresh air and lead a pollution free life. Ask others to join this quest for recycling and adopt environmental friendly habits.

How was the earth created?

The earth is the only known planet having life. It is the third largest planet in the solar system. In comparison to others, our planet is the most comfortable one with abundant water, a magnetic field that protects from the heat and rays of the sun. The earth’s origin was created from the solar nebula. The big bang happened. The collapse of the gas cloud containing gases, dust and the particles condensed which formed the solar system. It continues growing a centimeter every year.

This aggregation has been building up for 100,000 years on the formation of the sun. Many terrestrial forms were created and are known as the different planets. However, one planet that grew in size was the earth. Over the 100 millions of years, the major part of loose debris as well as planetoids had been destroyed by a solar wind. Since almost 5 billions of years, the earth was formed where we reside now. Due to being in a molten state, the earth’s crust could have only lighter masses. The heavier masses dropped below due to earth’s own gravitational force and formed a central mass of earth. There was created a magnetic field. An atmosphere was formed containing helium and hydrogen. This was however, blown off by a solar wind.

Sometime later after 150 millions of years, the earth cooled to a level where there could be life evolved in it. The atmosphere contained several chemical compounds which are not present today as was then. This process also made the earth rich with CO2, Ammonia, Methane and Nitrogen. Further cooling, the earth formed clouds and there were rains. These rains made the great oceans. Land masses also known as the continents floated around for another million years. And the world came to be created.

The origin of life took place. Then seeding of the earth began due to cosmic action. Life forms came into existence and survived many atmospheric changes. Although life was just the pre-historic animals, man soon came into existence by the same cosmic action. The theory is debatable and let us not delve deeper into this. Considering the atmosphere then and now, many changes have taken place with life evolving as humans and with the distinction of man and woman concept and the children. Initially there were the dinosaurs and men and women struggling to survive. Later the these animals disappeared there is no clear cut theory as to what happened while man had advanced in science and was able to live through the difficult times.

What are plastics?

We live in the age of plastics and hence most of the things that we use today are made up of different kinds of plastics. Plastics are synthetic or semi-synthetic organic solids. There are many kinds of plastics available that differ because they have different molecular mass.

Plastics are very flexible and therefore, you can mold them into almost any shape that you want. The word plastic which is derived from Greek word plastikos which mean capable of being molded. Plastics have different chemical structure, and therefore, they have different molecular units that separate them from one another.

PlasticsIn other words, plastics are a kind of polymers that are made up of long chain of molecules that are known as monomers. However, plastics are well known for their light weight and molding capabilities due to which they are being preferred to compare to wood and steel which is bulkier in weight. Plastics are easily made in industries and therefore, the prices of plastic goods are comparatively cheaper, which is also one of the reasons that plastics are preferred in the current situation. Plastic goods are also water proof, and they do not have problems, even if you use them in moist conditions and hence they are the best choice.

There are different kinds of plastics that are available in the market. Plastics like ABS, Acrylic, Amino Plastics, Bakelite, Cellulose Plastic, Cellulose Acetate, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Copolymer, Epoxy resin, Monomer, Glass reinforced polyester, nylon, Phenol Plastic, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polymer, and polypropylene are easily available in the market. Most of the modern furniture and technological gadgets are made up from these plastics. However, there are some environmental issues that have been caused because of the over-utilization of plastic items because plastics degrade very slowly and that causes a lot of environmental hazards.