How to Get Rid of White Spots on Your Nails?

White spots on nails are common enough that you must have seen them at least once, if not more than that. They are usually caused due to trauma to the fingernails, deficiency of zinc and calcium in your diet, fungal infections or skin related diseases like eczema. In rare cases, these are caused when a person is suffering from a liver or kidney disease. Therefore, if you have recently noticed white spots on your nails and are reading this to find a way to get rid of them, then the first thing you need to do is to understand that they are nothing to worry about.

Actually, there is no direct method for doing away with these spots¬, but there are a few measures you can take that make them go away slowly. First and the most basic way would be to let your nails grow, so that when they separate from the nail bed then you can cut them off with a nail-cutter. A spot in the centre of the nail is most probably a result of trauma, so you can cut it off when it grows out. The white spots might also have been caused due to nutritional deficiencies, so it is important to take a healthy and nutrient rich diet. Eat lots of protein and zinc rich substances, because presence of zinc won’t let the spots appear and proteins will make the nails strong. Eating calcium rich food like dairy products is also advised.

If your nails are completely white, then it might be because of cirrhosis disease caused due to excessive alcohol consumption; so you should immediately stop drinking and should sought treatment for it. Wash your nails thoroughly after work like dusting, gardening, etc because dust and dirt can make bacteria enter your nails and cause fungal infections, a cause for whitening of nails. Since we talked about the fact that trauma also causes the white spots, so avoid trying to remove staples or opening soda cans with the help of your fingernails. Injury can cause white spots to appear during these tasks.

While manicuring, try to be as gentle as possible, because excessive pressure in the cuticles area or pressing the nails backwards too hard can cause damage to the nail bed, thus creating white spots. Buffing nails or trying discoloration treatment to hide or get rid of these spots is not advisable, because nails might get harmed instead. Of all these options, clipping the white spots away when the nails grow out is the best option. Last, but not the least, if half moon shaped spots are occurring repeatedly, then in a rare case it might be because of a liver or kidney problem. So if you observe them occurring on a continuous basis, better consult a doctor.

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