How to Get Rid of Water Retention?

If dieting, exercising and maintaining a good fitness regime isn’t helping you lose weight and your body too seems to look bloated it is definitely a water retention problem. This is a problem that prevents body looking slim. It makes a person feel swelled up; hands and feet especially look swollen and bloated. If this is the same problem you are facing its time you get rid of the water retention problem.

Consuming less of sodium, more of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein helps getting rid of this problem.

There are many reasons why a person could get affected with water retention problem. A low fiber diet, lack of physical work, increased intake of sodium, diabetes or pregnancy could be one of the causes of your body retaining more than usual water.

The symptoms of water retention are:
1. Various body parts become swollen,
2. Aching body parts
3. Lack of flexibility of various joints and muscles in the body.

There are few remedial measures that a person suffering from water retention could adopt. A change in diet must be the first step a person should take. Food containing larger amounts of sodium must be avoided. Hence lesser salt should be consumed. The dietary fiber intake must be increased. Fresh fruits, green vegetables are a good source of dietary fiber. They boost metabolism and decrease water retention. Aerated and frizzy drinks must be avoided. They boost water retention. Consuming more water and frequent urination will help detoxify body and prevent water retention.

Exercising is the best thing you can do to your body. It is a great measure to prevent water retention and remain physically fit. Another reason why exercising is great reliever from water retention is that it helps you exert on a physical level leaving you panting and sweating. Sweating will release toxins and excess sodium from the body making you less bloated and putting an end to the water retention problem.

If pregnancy is a cause for the water retention in your body consider it normal. The lower part of your body especially retains water in such a case. Weight gain and bloating a little is not a serious problem as it happens due to the baby weight. After the delivery the problem will get resolved.

Certain medicines bring on the horrible side effect of water retention. If you feel extremely bloated or uneasy you may consult your doctor for stopping the medication or a change in it. This would help you a great deal.

People suffering from diabetes and hypothyroid are also victims of water retention problem. Proper care, medication and preventions must be taken in such cases. Exercising and following a healthy diet or a special diet as prescribed by your doctor would help a great deal.

In case you are unable to overcome the problem of water retention visit a doctor and get a full health check up to diagnose the real cause of it. The doctor will prescribe you the medication and the method to put an end to the water retention problem.

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