How to Get Rid of Water Bugs?

Water bugs are creatures found at the bottom of ponds and similar water bodies. Their sting is more painful than that of any other insect. Their one weakness is that they cannot stay in water for long. They need to come out on land to breathe well. In order to stay away from its sting it is advisable to get rid of this creature.

The saliva of the water bugs is very powerful it can kill insects of various kinds. In one sting they inject all their saliva in to the skin and within a short period the sting can turn ugly for a person. Sometimes they let out fluid from behind, which can cause more pain than any other sting pain in humans. They also play smart sometimes and fooling these bugs is no joke.

Methods such as Screens and Bacillus Thuringiensis, pyrethrums, detergents, borax, vinegar and keeping the vicinity clean ensure the water bugs stay away from you.

The first and the simplest step that can be taken up is that of keeping your surroundings clean. Not only must you keep your garden, park area, swimming pool and the rooms clean, you must not forget those nooks and corners where often such pests hide. Drainage system of your house must be impeccable. The water bugs breed in water and especially in unclean water. Keeping garbage bag clean is also a good measure to get rid of such water bugs.
By pouring some vinegar in your dishwasher drain, sink drain and other drains in your house you can keep the water bugs away. They are definitely not fond of vinegar.

Add a few spoons of washing detergent (it is better if you have Lemon Joy) on the top of your swimming pool. The water bugs inside the pool would not be able to come up and die of suffocation as the Lemon Joy is sprinkled all over the surface.

Borax is also a good water bug killer. Sprinkle it at your door step or outside your house. Borax sticks in the water bugs’ feet and gradually kills them.

Pyrethrum when sprinkled works efficiently in places where water bugs could hide or come from. Consuming pyrethrum leads to the death of water bugs dwelling in your house or entering in your house.

Bacillus Thuringiensis or mosquito dunks kill the larvae of water bugs stopping their growth further. They must be sprinkled in the water bodies near your house to get rid of these bugs.
If you are residing near any water bodies or have one like swimming pool in your house you may also opt for using window screens. The water bugs can easily enter the house through windows. Putting window screens on the windows would obstruct the water bugs’ arrival in your house.

If all the methods fail and these pests are in no mood of letting you go then you could call upon an exterminator to get rid of all the water bugs residing in your house.

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  1. Ron

    I’m surprised nobody knows about Skill-it. Go to Leslie’s Pool Supply (Google it) and get a chemical called “Skill-it”. Works like magic. The bugs pack up and leave. You need to get rid of the algae. I didn’t see Skill it on their website but the individual stores sell it. It’s an algaecide.

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