How to get rid of smoking?

Smoking is a deadly addiction which is very easy to adopt but very difficult to get rid of. It’s like all the individuals very well know the side effects of smoking but just can’t give away the habit. However, if you motivate yourself and commit to stop smoking then there is nothing that can shake your goals. Here are some quick tips that can aid in waving good bye to smoking.

• The first step towards stop smoking is to get rid of all the things that are related to it. Throw away the cigarette boxes, ash trays and of course the lighters. As you do not get to see these products, the urge to smoke will be diminished.

• Move your mind frame from the thought of smoking. Spend time with family members, play with the children, go for a walk, and listen to some good music. The idea is to occupy oneself in various recreational activities so that there is no free time to feel the absence of smoking habit.

Smoking• Avoid those things that can urge you to smoke. Identify the smoking triggers and over ride even. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine, because they are known to increase the craving for smoking. Moreover, avoid friends and relatives who smoke.

• Avoid locations that are closely associated with smoking like pubs, Lounge and bars, Discover new hangout and visit family restaurants and cafés.

• If you are in the habit of smoking after each meal, try eating a chewing gum or candy to fill up that habit.

• Water has always been known as an antidote of smoking. It helps to flush out all the toxins from the body and eases the withdrawal symptoms. So drink lots of water.

• Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, apply some rock salt on the tip of the tongue. If you follow this for one month, you will discover that your addiction towards smoking has been reduced.

• In order to overcome the urge of smoking, consume lots of fresh fruit and vegetables juices. Celery and carrot juice also aids to overcome the addiction.

• If you need an oral substitute, try a cinnamon stick or candy cane; just don’t light the other end.

• Small quantities of pistachio nuts and unshelled sunflower seeds also help to soothe the cravings.

• Lastly, keep reminding yourself about the negative effects of smoking. Surf through the internet and see images of diseases it causes.


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