How to get rid of small lips?

Everyone desires gorgeous kissable lips. But not everyone is born with wider lips. It should be borne in mind that it isn’t that small lips aren’t attractive or desirable. Many women desire to have sexy, sultry lips and this can be accomplished using strategic makeup and then cosmetic surgery. Whatever the method you choose to get rid of small lips, it’s essential to first consider if bigger lips will even go with your other facial features. Nothing is more putting off than lips which actually look fake and artificial. Your best chance is to first learn important tips that can help give you a better pout using make-up in order to judge for yourself if you wish to do something more permanent like surgery on your lips.

Make-up can do wonders for your pout. Of course, the lips will not look luscious as a pair of natural ones would but it will definitely create an illusion of a fuller mouth. The trick here is to use a certain blend of shades and colors. This includes finding the right colors, the right combinations and cosmetic products depending on your facial structure and skin color.

A glossy lip pencil combined with pinkish red lip gloss can make anyone’s lips look more kissable. Unlike red, pink makes your lips look natural and the pencil can easily create an outline of the lips, slightly outside the real lip outline. Apply the pinkish red lip gloss generously inside the outline. Once done, apply a lighter shade lip gloss just in the middle of the lower and upper lip. This gives a better pout.

Plumper lip gloss can be your answer if you wish to have a pouter look for a special night. This wonderful lip gloss creates an illusion of wider as well as fuller lips. The only downside is, the effect wears off as the lip gloss wears off. You may also try an old trick with combines a light lipstick with a dark eye-shadow to create contrasts and an illusion of fuller lips. After using the lipstick evenly, apply a little eye shadow in the middle of your lips to give them more depth and fullness. An easy way for younger women is to maintain a conscious pout! It makes the lips look plumper and a dab of a good raspberry or strawberry lip balm is all it takes to make the lips look more kissable and way sexier.

To get a real change, it is usually necessary to get a more permanent medical procedure that involves injections of certain substances directly into the lips and into surrounding areas. Botox is one such common substance and has given fuller mouths to many women. More permanent methods cost a lot of money and care must be taken to get these treatments from qualified doctors.

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