How to Get Rid of Sleepiness?

Sleeping relaxes the body and the mind. It is a stress buster but oversleeping is a stress booster. Being sleepy all the time encourages lethargy and laziness. Are you suffering from the same? Is it really difficult to keep your eyes open even in the day time? Does your head drop at the table in the day to get a good hearty sleep? Is it now started to become an obstacle in your daily routine? If the answer to all the questions or even one of them is a yes then you need a good solution to it immediately to get rid of sleepiness.

Washing your face, getting yourself a cup of coffee, consuming energy drinks, chatting with someone or just stretching your body and walking around can be great quick solutions to getting rid of sleepiness.

If you are a student studying in school or university and are suffering from continued spells of sleepiness there are quick solutions to your problem. Seek permission from your faculty or teacher to excuse yourself from the class and go and wash your face and breathe in some fresh air. Take a walk in the corridor and come back. After your class gets over go to the canteen and have a cup of tea or coffee. Coffee contains caffeine that helps keep one active. Chat with your friends.

If you are a working professional and are waiting to get rid of sleepiness during working hours the above mentioned methods are also good for you. Apart from taking a walk, washing your face, chatting with your colleague or having a cup of coffee or tea you may also try other few things. If the work you are doing seems to take a toll on your interest levels. Do something else to get a change from the routine work. Complete some other work instead. If it’s a meeting or a seminar that’s boring you, breathe deep or hold your breath for a long time, this will divert your mind from sleep and help you become more alert.

If you are simply sitting at home but are suffering from sleepiness during the day, chat with a friend on phone or go meet him/her. Moving out of the house due to any work will change your mood. Listening to fast paced music or watching any of your favorite series on television will also make your sleepiness vanish. One thing that you must avoid is reading a book. It will make your eyelids heavier than ever before and will tempt you to sleep. Coming in action dispels sleepiness.

There can be many reasons to your sleepiness, make sure you get enough sleep at night. Avoid having alcoholic drinks or coffee at night they will prolong your waking hours. Alcohol gives you hangovers the next day making you feel all the more sleepy. Any medicines that you may be taking might prevent you from staying awake during the day. Ask your doctor for a change in medicine. Explain him your problem. Anemia is also makes you feel lethargic and sleepy. Eat right and healthy to stay fit and avoid sleepiness.

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