How to Get Rid of Skunks?

Skunks are a big menace to a beautiful house. These are rodents that spread bad odor, plague and rabies. They must be kept away as they are omnivorous and can eat anything from insects to waste products.

For getting rid of skunks there must be light everywhere as they stay in darkness. Skunk repelling products can also be of great use. Pepper spray, filling all holes with mud, placing ammonia near their residing place, using moth balls or calling expert skunk trappers are useful ways of keeping those terrible skunks off your home.

Skunks usually dwell in dark places and the terrible odor emitted by them is far reaching. It spreads easily to about five meters indicating their unwanted presence. Skunks are also known for spreading horrible and deadly diseases such as rabies and plague. If they are merrily dwelling in your house, it’s time to say them goodbye.

In all the dark corners of your house, let there be light, literally! This will keep them away as they adore darkness.

Installing automatic skunk repelling sprays is a good idea. These sense these horrible rodents and spray the liquid automatically which makes the skunks run away.

Pepper sprays are skunks’ big enemies. Spraying them all around the little dark nooks and corners will make them run away.

Skunks are foolish rodents that can get trapped in the skunk traps fairly easily. Keep them in dark places of your house and see the skunks getting trapped to your delight. As soon as you catch them throw them far away before they fill your house with that unbearable stink.

All the holes in your garden must be filled up with mud before these menacing creatures sprung up to irritate you. Leaves can also be used to filling up the muddy holes. This will prevent them from coming in your house through the garden.

Soak pieces of waste clothes in ammonia and keep them in places you suspect the skunks are dwelling. They hate ammonia, so this proves to be a good skunk repellent.

Moth balls are something that again these skunks are scared of. They keep away from them. So place some moth balls in many places of your house and especially in those corners and wards you suspect the skunks are hidden.

It is very important that children be kept away from skunks and protected safely. Skunks are known to spread horrifying diseases that the children are prone to catch quickly. Also moth balls and ammonia soaked pieces of cloth if consumed by little kids in your house could create serious trouble for you. In a skunk dwelling house kids are safer or the bed or around you so that you may keep an eye on them.

If you’ve adopted enough number of methods, but the skunks are not ready to get out at all, call skunk repelling professionals. They will trap all of them and make you feel safer.

No matter which way you adopt keep your house safe and skunk free to get rid of bad odor and deadly diseases.

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  1. Bob

    When walking my dog early in the morning when it is still dark we sometimes see skunks nearby….if i brought a flashlight and shined it at them would the skunk run away

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