How to Get Rid of Lockjaw?

Lockjaw is a painful infliction which locks up the jaw not letting you move it freely. Doctors will tell you to treat the Lockjaw; the best thing is to let your body do the caring. It may be frustrating when you deal with it the first time. It can be scary as you do not know how to make the pain stop.

Lockjaw happens when your muscles experience a spasm and this leads to closing of your jaw tensely. This causes a lot of pain and the inability to open up your jaws. When you try to move it, the jaw moves from one side to another but does not open up.

How does one get rid of it if suffering from a lockjaw? You should relax your body. When you relax the muscles of your face loosen and let the lockjaw posture slip. You can try some exercises which will relieve your jaw of the pain. Then you can apply a warm compress which can makes it better. Before stretching muscles to loosen it, applying a warm compress is a bright idea. The soreness will go and slowly the jaw returns to its normal functions.

Then you should help the jaw with loosening exercises. Start with basic ones and then go on up to the more strenuous ones. This may not be adequate for all so it is a good idea to first ascertain how serious your condition is.

Then, move your jaw from one side to another, first to the left then to the right. Close your mouth after this.

Then, repeat switching sides from left side first then to the right side.
Finally, you repeat these steps over and over again. Your muscles will start to stretch more and open your mouth wider and wider.

Most people can feel the relief right away. You need to remain calm and collected. Some of us can feel the change only after some time has passed. So you need to continue this till you can freely open your mouth. This exercise is just one of the many which can be done to relieve the TMJ symptoms. So, as soon as you feel it coming on remain calm and collected so that you can avert it or make the infliction pain you lesser.

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