How to Get Rid Of Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are very dangerous for fruits, when it is fruit season during the days of monsoon; fruit flies grow in large numbers and lay their eggs right in the fruits, and thus making its one part grow and ripe early and infesting the fruit with larvae when crop is ready for picking.

To get rid of these do away with the source whether it is stale food, fruits or even garbage exposed. These are typically the breeding ground for the fruit fly. There are many other sources like fruits, vegetables which are over ripe and rotting. These flies inject their eggs into the food and when they hatch they eat the rotting source and look like maggots. These flies are always looking for breeding ground.
How can you get rid of these flies? Well, at onset, make sure that you keep your kitchen and yard clean. Make sure to clean up the garbage every day. These eat and breed in the same food source and infest if allowed. Do not keep greasy, grimy sponges or wash clothes which are rotting. Use clean ones and discard as soon as they start collecting dirt which cannot be washed off. Now, there are some ways to get rid of these flies:

• Get rid of liquids and any sponges or soft things that do not last the day- any fabrics, tissue etc. Water should not collect and stand in corner places of your kitchen.

• Use ammonia or bleach to clean the kitchen and infested areas so that it is now an antiseptic environment.

• Keep your trash can free and clean so that it does not serve as a breeding ground for the flies.

• Clean up the dishwasher for any liquid remains as well as grease and grime and food particles so that there is no trace of any scope for the fruit fly to breed.

• Clean up the pantry and check there are fruits and food leftovers or even moist pulses, cereal and vegetables. If you buy any more food ensure they are consumed before they perish. Also store fruits, vegetables and other perishables in the fridge.

• Look for any spill mess under the refrigerator and other appliances or under your stove burners and clean it.

• Keep sink surfaces dried when not in use. Also see under the sink for dampness and rotting pipes or any mass.

• Put away the potted plants outside the house. If there are fruit flies, use an insecticide until the flies go away.

• Keep cracks between appliances free of any rotting wood, shelves, any sponges that may have fallen into these.

• Look for damp and rotting things with the sense of your smell or in other words through their stink.

• Check all living area for dampness and moist spills under the furniture.

• Clean up the carpet for moist patches and for leftover food and vessels or bottles.

• Use a drain cleaner and bathtub cleaning agent to flush out the debris.

• Fruit flies get attracted to light so eliminate them with a light which is portable. Stop them by having mesh doors that swing shut.

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