How to Get Rid of Bats?

Bats are one of the most unwelcome visitors to our homes, so getting rid of them as soon as the family gathers in one room and starts shouting frantically about its location becomes a priority. The best and the easiest way to get rid of bats is to put all your family members into a single room with doors and windows closed, then opening all the other doors and windows in the house to allow it to escape on its own. This should do the trick nicely and quickly. However, in case the bat doesn’t go away then it’s time to make it go. Grab a pair of thick gloves, something to poke it like a stick, etc. fishing net, or anything in your home similar to a net. Wear a head scarf because it might go for your hair, Now locate it and try to catch it by poking it with stick and make it fly then throw the net around it. Once it is caught, take the bat outside and remove it from the net. Take care while doing so, because bats are very delicate creatures.

If the bat problem in your house is more serious than the occasional visits, then your first step to getting rid of them should be to locate the place where they are infiltrating to your house. Once you find where they sleep, wait till evening when they go out to feed and then plug the hole or space tightly to prevent their return. It is very probable that your problem will be solved. If you find a few that have remained behind by accident, unplug the hole the next evening to allow them to go out and then plug it back securely.

Well, if things so too serious, buy a can of dog or cat repellent, and when the bats go out for feeding in the evening, spray it generously on the area where they normally roost and all the surfaces in the immediate vicinity. Finally, the last step you can resort to if the repellent doesn’t make them go away is to get fiber glass insulation put up in places where they roost. A thin layer of insulation will do. Just like our skin, fiber glass irritates the skin of bats endlessly and makes them go away to find another roosting spot far away.

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