How to delete windows messenger?

Windows messenger is one Microsoft instant messaging program which is inbuilt and installed at the time of installing Windows. When you install Windows this application gets automatically installed and pops up in the middle each time you turn on your system. This can be annoying at times and if you wish to delete this windows messenger from your system to perform your work quickly and with great ease then it is advisable that you follow the below mentioned easy steps. It is important for you to remember that in the worst case it is also possible that at times after following these steps you may not be able to delete this application. In this case you can very well make use of uninstaller.

How to delete or uninstall windows messenger from the computer?

Click on the “START” menu and then search out for the “Control Panel” and click on it.

Double click on “Add and Remove Programs” and then look out for “Windows Messenger”.

To delete it or uninstall it click “Remove”.

Then click “Uninstall” when you see the program popping up.

You can then select all the programs you wish to uninstall.

Click “Next” and delete it.

With this your windows messenger will be deleted and you will once have to restart your computer so as to ensure the completion of the activity. At times it may also happen that the time taken to delete or uninstallation may be a little more and thus you will have to wait. There is a possibility that even after this the program may not be deleted and it is then that you can use a third party uninstaller and can do the needful. This helps delete the program and all associated files from your hard drive.

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