How does technology affect society?

In this era of technology, everything is changing so rapidly and its effects can be felt widely across the board. Technology is a very wide phenomenon and technological advancements in various fields affect the life of each one of us. Various fields of technology would include information technology (computers and internet), automobiles, communication, electronics, space technology, aviation and more. The effects of technology are both positive and negative.

There were times when there were no computers and hence human social interaction was restricted due to the unavailability of technological innovations. Presently we are in the midst of the information age where one can transmit information on a cheaper and quicker basis. However now with the introduction of electronic mail and the Internet the world has become a global village. Messages and information move as fast as the speed of light. Moreover, one can be updated with the world happenings on a minute to minute basis. Availability of communication tools such as the internet has enhanced to the development of research.

TechnologyThere are a huge number of home appliances like mixers, washing machine, dish washers, coffee makers, irons, microwaves, etc. that help us perform daily chores with speed and ease. This has been possible due to technological advancements only. Experts say that, with changing times, the reliance and dependence on machines will result to making people inactive and lazy which has adverse effects.

Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and i-pods, all are the result of technology. The cellular technology is a miraculous innovation and helps immensely in the mobile communication with extreme ease. X-ray machines Ultrasound machines, and other types of medical equipment also are a result of technology. Next come airplanes, satellites, missiles, and much more. Technology can be easily misused or can result in accidents if the devices mentioned are not used the way they should be.

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