How does our body remain warm?

Human body is capable of generating heat within itself internally and body maintains a regular temperature. It is not dependent on any outside factors to maintain its normal human temperature of 98.6 degrees. Normal human body generates its own heat and maintains the heat.

Process of heat generation

• Food is the greatest energy provider as it is transformed to energy and heat. Heat is generated by a process called oxidation; it is more like combustion. This heat is used to keep the body warm. Around 2500 calories of heat energy is produced every single day from our body, it keeps the body warm. Food acts as a fuel to maintain a constant temperature in human beings. But things are quite contrary among cold blooded animals. Their body cannot balance the inside and outside temperature as mammals or warm blooded animals do.

Winter• Temperature is usually maintained by part in the brain called Thermoregulatory center. Impulses are received from this center. The temperature center is responsible for maintaining body heat. Metabolism in our body makes the body warm.

It is considered that most mammals are hot blooded. They have a constant temperature and are able to generate their own body heat in themselves. The body temperature fluctuates according to the outside temperature and is in harmony with it. When it is cold outside, the body generates heat and when it is hot outside, the body is capable of maintaining a cool temperature inside.

Shivering can often create heat among warm blooded animals or human beings when the cold is severe. Thus the body remains warm by burning of calories which can occur during Thermoregulation process. Energy is being used and eventually body becomes warm in this procedure.

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