How to delete windows messenger?

Windows messenger is one Microsoft instant messaging program which is inbuilt and installed at the time of installing Windows. When you install Windows this application gets automatically installed and pops up in the middle each time you turn on your system. This can be annoying at times and if you wish to delete this windows messenger from your system to perform your work quickly and with great ease then it is advisable that you follow the below mentioned easy steps. It is important for you to remember that in the worst case it is also possible that at times after following these steps you may not be able to delete this application. In this case you can very well make use of uninstaller.

How to delete or uninstall windows messenger from the computer?

Click on the “START” menu and then search out for the “Control Panel” and click on it.

Double click on “Add and Remove Programs” and then look out for “Windows Messenger”.

To delete it or uninstall it click “Remove”.

Then click “Uninstall” when you see the program popping up.

You can then select all the programs you wish to uninstall.

Click “Next” and delete it.

With this your windows messenger will be deleted and you will once have to restart your computer so as to ensure the completion of the activity. At times it may also happen that the time taken to delete or uninstallation may be a little more and thus you will have to wait. There is a possibility that even after this the program may not be deleted and it is then that you can use a third party uninstaller and can do the needful. This helps delete the program and all associated files from your hard drive.

What is Blue Screen of Death and what causes it?

Blue screen of death is a colloquial phrase used by computer technicians to describe what is officially known as a Stop error in computers. A blue screen appears on the monitor with text in white when the system experiences a critical error and needs to shut down to protect damage to the memory. The appearance of a blue screen during a process means that the only solution to the error is to restart the computer; therefore the phrase ‘screen of death’ was coined to denote the finality of the situation.

A BSOD appears usually when a hardware or hardware driver is installed, which causes certain drivers to become incompatible. Trying to install softwares or hardware which is incompatible with your computer’s configuration can also cause the error to appear. If a hardware component has a buggy device driver, if there is a real time conflict between hardware or an installed application tries to divide by zero, you are likely to get this error. Sometimes this screen might also appear after a considerable time since installing something new, which means that a normal driver has become outdated now. The best solution to getting rid of the blue screen is to reinstall the hardware or software properly after booting the system in safe mode.

If the computer is unable to read properly from the boot device or some recent change in its configuration has caused a driver to become corrupt, then also a blue screen of death can be displayed. Another method to get rid of the blue screen for good is to make a recovery CD of your computer, and then using it to boot up your system and running the repair tool. If the error has appeared because of some serious error in the machine’s registry, then the safest bet for you to avoid losing data is to get professional help in repairing your computer or call the hardware vendor if you have recently installed a component, before you try to boot your system again.

How to get rid of dust inside Computer?

Computers have become a part of our everyday lives. But over time inside parts get dust accumulated in them. Dust enters through the pores or the net provided for processor fan’s outlet, and other open vents on CPU’s cabinet. So it is important to dust them up regularly to ensure smooth working. Dusting and cleaning a computer should be on daily basis, but it can become difficult to keep up the cleanliness. However overtime dust gets accumulated on the inside parts, which can only be removed by opening the cabinet, however, without the cleaning, the computer can get grimy and deteriorate in performance. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it dusted and clean on a regular basis. Many people hate to clean a computer but now there are solutions which help remove the dust easily.

You will need all of the following to maintain a clean computer:
• Mini air compressors preferred (electricity run)
• Wrist strap that is not static
• A dust mask to protect you from dust entering lungs
• Cleaning rag which is anti-static
• A fiber based brush which is also anti static
• Some cleaning fluid
• Micro mini vacuum cleaner having a plastic nozzle for cleaning the keyboard
• Plastic containers of small size

First read the manual of instructions of your computer. Cut the power to your computer and remove all plugs and wires connected to it. Keep track of what wire fits in which socket so that you do not have a problem later when rejoining it all. Sit down with the computer in an open area which you can clean up later.

Open up the casing for the CPU with a screwdriver. Then, wearing the static wrist band and the mask, use the small vacuum cleaner around the insides of the CPU carefully and remove the dust inside. Then you need to air the CPU by using the small air-pressure compressor/blower. Using the non-static brush carefully, clean all the dust. Use the cleaning fluid after thoroughly checking to see it does not harm the computer. Use a cloth which is anti-static and rub all over the computer to remove grime, dirt and dust from it.

Put together the computer. You should repeat this kind of cleaning every 6 months for best results.

To keep dust away, place the computer on an elevated level. However, never use a hair dryer to clean the computer since it blows hot air and the parts inside of the computer may get damaged.

How to disable windows messenger?

If you are tired of looking at the windows messenger popping up each time or then you have made a decision of using some other messenger then it is certain that you would wish to disable this application in your computer system. There are a few easy steps which you will have to follow and you will be able to get rid of it soon. Uninstalling it or deleting it is also helpful but then for the time you can just disable it. Following are the steps that you will have to carefully follow.

Click the “Start” menu from your desktop.

When the menu window pops up select the “Run” option.

You will see a small box prompting out at the left corner.

In the box type “services.mcs”

Click “Ok” or then just press the enter key on the key board.

Just a few steps more and this application will be disabled. There would be a “Services” which will pop up.

There you can very well start looking out for the program Windows Messenger.

Once you get this application double click on it with the mouse.

Open the Menu known as the Startup Type

Then choose the Stop option.

After that click “OK” or then just press the enter button present on the key board.

Close the Services window or then you can just press Alt+F4 together on the computer keyboard.

These are 12 simple steps that you can very well use when you wish to disable the windows messenger on your computer system.

How to Speed up Windows XP?

Ignorance and lack of maintenance can affect the performance of Windows XP operating system. As you maintain the hardware, similarly maintaining software and system is also important, lack of which slows down the system and can cause big time troubles too like crashing or slower performance.

There are many ways you can undertake to speed up Windows XP and maintain its performance. Cleaning up the computer, defragmentation, setting up page file and priorities and deleting unwanted programs is a good way of speeding up Windows XP.

Formatting of the computer is a good way of speeding up Windows XP. Before you do this, make sure you take a back up of all the important files because while formatting all files in that partition will be deleted. Formatting can both be done at home or by taking it to hardware/software professional.

Defragmentation is among the best ways of protecting the speed of Windows XP. Click on the start button for this process. Now place the cursor on all programs. Choose accessories. Then click on system tools. Now choose the drive and opt for ‘defragment’ option. The defragmentation will start taking place. This is a simple method that can be done easily at home.

Updating the operating system Windows will also speed up its functioning. Device drivers must too be updated from time to time. This will ensure that your system works fast. Virtual memory optimization also leads to fast performing Windows XP. Press the windows icon key and pause break key simultaneously on your keyboard. This will open by the system properties box. Click on the tab ‘advanced’ and then make sure ‘Processor’ and ‘Memory Usage’ section have ‘programs’ selected under them. Whichever drive the page file is present must be selected. ‘No paging file’ option must now be chosen and set. This will speed up Windows XP.

Go to the start button and click on ‘run’. Type the words ‘control user passwords’ in the box. Now you must go to the option ‘change the way users log on or off’. Here you will see an option saying ‘use fast user switching’. You must deselect this option and click on ‘apply’. This is again a great way of speeding up Windows XP.

Turning off the effects might also help in boosting Windows XP processing speed. Again press windows icon key and pause break simultaneously. Systems property box would open. Go to the ‘advanced’ tab and choose the performance option. Now ‘visual effects’ box will have ‘adjust for best performance’ option. Choose it and apply it. The action will be applied immediately.

Updating windows and deleting all the unneeded programs is considered one of the most efficient ways of boosting up Windows performance. If all of this does not help, further disabling of screensaver, wallpapers, compression and indexing and sounds can be done. By turning off System restore too Windows XP processing speed can be enhanced.

Unwanted programs removal must be among your first priorities. Those fonts which are not regularly used might be deleted too. Disabling unneeded services will help a great deal.
For an enhanced and faster performing Windows XP, system diagnoses and performing above mentioned functions proves to be useful.