How to be popular with women?

Getting the attention of women can be either easy or very difficult. But for majority of them it is difficult. Women always look for social status, skill of authority as well as respect that men show for other people. In case you are the one who wants to know how you can be popular with women here are some of the tips to help you out:

Have solid confidence:
You need to have self established values and only then you will be able to respect others. To have solid confidence you need to pay attention to people, make people feel good, begin a new project, face your fear and most importantly stop comparing yourself with others.

Show leadership:
Leaders are always liked by the women as they have the capability of taking action which has a great impact. Think before you take the action and things will work out for you. Try to take decisions yourself.

Believe in independence:
You should only trust yourself. This is because if you rely on others, people will trust them and not you. This reflects that you do not have faith in your own judgment.

Bring yourself out of you comfort level:
Try to make an effort to do new things. When you prefer doing things that you find safe, it reflects that you do not have guts, rather go ahead with doing such things as this will reflect that you have guts to accept failure and rejection that means you do not fear.

Avoid thinking as to what women must be thinking about you:
Yes you of course care but do not reveal it in your actions. Let them accept you as you are and in case they cannot do not pay attention to them.

Take care of yourself:
This means that you need to dress up properly, get a nice fragrance, work out and exercise, get a classy watch and maintain yourself well. Active men are liked by women and so take care of it.

How to ask someone on a date?

Until you ask you will not know whether the person is interested in you or not. Therefore collect all your guts and follow the steps given below:

First step:
The foremost thing that you need to do is to introduce yourself to the person you are willing to date. Let him/her know that you are admiring them from a distance.

Second step:
Try to get the person’s mobile number directly or indirectly. If you prefer to get the number indirectly you will have to ask a common friend for the person’s number.

Third step:
What are you waiting for? Call the person. Select a time that is not disturbing. Do not listen to your friends and their advices and call on the time when you will feel comfortable to do so.

Fourth step:
When you call you will be required to reintroduce yourself. You can start your introduction like “Hey it is John. We had met at a friends place” or something like that.

Fifth step:
While you are speaking show some affection from your side and ask whether he/she would like to come along for a cup of coffee or something very similar that is very casual. In case the response is positive you can plan as to when, where and what time. If you get a negative reply, be polite take it as a hint that the person is not interested and get off the phone as soon as possible.

Sixth step:
If the reply was positive you can arrange for a casual meet for a small time that is half an hour. In case this works out great for you, you can then plan for a more formal date, may be for a lunch or dinner.

Seventh step:
Go for a formal date with the person you are interested in.

How to Read Body Language?

The way one behaves conveys a lot about his/her personality. Body language can be read by keen observers. There are a few simple ways in which you can make out the intentions, habits and personal traits of a person.

The gestures and demeanor must be observed keenly. Eyes and hands movements, the way a person is sitting, standing, walking and behaving speaks a lot about him/her.

If a person looks straight in your eyes while talking and maintains an eye contact throughout a conversation means he/she is confident about what they are speaking. It also means that the person is speaking the truth. Not looking straight in the eyes means vice versa. However it isn’t a sure shot. If the person likes you he/she may be hinting their affection for you by directly looking in to your eyes and making you see their love for you.
A person sitting in front of you with crossed hands means that he/she is not open to accepting your ideas or views. They might also be showing their annoyance to you. In most cases they are disapproving of what you are saying. The person sitting in such a position might also be trying to dominate you in some way or the other. On the other hand, sitting with open arms means the person is ready to listen to you and is comfortable with the conversation.

Rubbing palms against each other or rapid leg and body movement means the person is nervous or is in some tension. It could also mean that the person is waiting for something to happen or is waiting for someone to arrive. If a person is constantly fiddling with a pen, pencil or anything else or blinking the eye too frequently while talking means he/she lacks confidence.

Sitting with crossed legs in a manner that they are over the knees means that the person has a dominating nature. He wants to make a statement of who he is. He either has a powerful stature in the society or wants to just show it.

An introverted person will stand with legs crossed and will often see towards the ground and talk.

Even the fingers speak a lot about a person. Tapping of fingers indicates frustration or conveys that whatever you are speaking doesn’t make any sense to him/her. Pointing fingers shows a dominating nature or an angry mood.

Lifting of an eyebrow while talking means either the person is suspecting of you speaking a lie or hiding something. It may also be a symbol of a person being dominating. It’s just the way he/she lifts one eyebrow.

While talking if you notice a person tilting his/her head towards one side and smiling it may mean the person likes you. It is a sign of being flirtatious. If the person is giving you smirks, it means he is being sarcastic even if his head is tilted on one side.

So watch out for the right signs and judge a person accurately to his amazement. These can mean any other thing too; these aren’t always true for each person every time.

How to Impress a Man?

Even if half the world believes that it happens the other way round that men try to find ways of impressing women, one cannot deny the fact that even women sometimes fuss about making the right impression. So what should a woman do to impress a man? The first step is very simple, and something that comes naturally to women- looking good. If you catch his eye in a crowd and he appreciates what you are wearing and how you look, smile and be appreciative. Just a simple thankful gesture will keep him with you for the time being. At the same time, don’t go overboard with dressing yourself up. Men definitely like high heels, but you won’t be any fun if you are not comfortable wearing them. Similarly, having supermodel looks is also not okay, and you must like what you wear and how you look yourself. You must feel comfortable what you are wearing. Men understand that not all women have to look like movie stars, so they will appreciate it if you come across as a genuine person.

Be confident and try not to be nervous. If you appear to be sure of yourself, men will like you more. Women who are independent, assertive and smart catch a man’s eye quicker, because then you become a sociable individual instead of someone they have to take care of, which feels like a liability to them. When they realize they don’t have to take care of you, they will be more willing to provide you company and interact. When someone comes to talk to you, then instead of glancing nervously and making small talk, try to be relaxed and easy going. You might not know it, but most of the times both parties are nervous, and your relaxed attitude will ensure that people around you also feel comfortable in chatting with you.

Try to make engaging conversation and keep people interested. If someone sees a woman talking with a bunch of men, he will automatically be interested in knowing what the discussion is about and who the woman is. When you talk, ask a man about his interests, hobbies, work etc. Women like good listeners, but being one for even a little time goes a long way in impressing him as someone who is interested about him. Asking questions and commenting occasionally will make him realize that you are attentive. If you can participate in a discussion with him about his hobby or interest, say baseball or cricket, you have already accomplished your mission.

Finally, time to take care of little bits. Tell a man if he looks good, because they don’t get as many compliments as women do. Do not drink too much if there is drinking allowed where you meet, because lowered inhibitions might make you say things you would wish you hadn’t said. Lastly, don’t act dumb in order to make the man talk to you. If that is what it takes him to ask questions about you, is he really the kind of guy you want to impress? Like a two-way street, the effort to impress should not be one sided.

How to Impress a Woman?

How you impress a person depends largely on your personality and behavior, but this does not mean that there aren’t some quick fixes to it. If you have already tried impressing someone, the few tips discussed here will only make it better.

How you present yourself is very crucial. A well dressed man with a neat appearance is definitely a winner, more so in case of women who love following the latest fashions and usually hate anything outdated. Get a clean shave or your beard set if you want to keep one, and make sure your hair is properly styled. First impression is the last impression, and sometimes she might like you even before you actually speak to her.

Once the first impressions are done, comes the hard part. When you strike a conversation, make sure to make eye contact and smile. Women don’t like men who are not confident of themselves. Look at her in a friendly way, and keep checking yourself to avoid leering, which might make her uncomfortable. When you talk, appear genuinely interested. Ask about her life, her ambitions and so on. Women love a good listener rather than being one, so try not to talk about you in order to impress her because it will only put her off. When you talk, compliment her. You might not realize how many sets she changed before deciding on the one to wear to meet you, so it really impresses a woman if you notice her clothes or accessories and compliment her about them. Genuine appreciation never misses the mark. The final tip about a conversation is that if you are impressed with her; tell her that you really are. It will be hard for her to not to be impressed by you in return.

Try to be a gentleman, because no matter how many people tell you that chivalry is dead, women still like to have doors opened and chairs pulled out for them. Flowers might seem outdated too, but they are also a plus if you bring them for meeting your lady friend. Rough guys who behave rash or act tough only look good in movies, so try to be nice. If you are funny, it is an added advantage. But make sure that your humor is not crude, and try not to crack jokes if you are not comfortable with them and hence you would only make her uncomfortable. If you end up making a fool of yourself by telling her hardly laughable jokes that guys find funny, you will realize it was not such a good idea after all.

In case you feel like acquiring certain traits in your personality, then the sure shot winner is dancing. Learn to dance, and you will have women flocking to you. Impressing women is all about being an overall nice guy. Try to be polite and nice, look good and make her feel great and you will have her impressed before you know it.