Pest Control

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs?

Water bugs are creatures found at the bottom of ponds and similar water bodies. Their sting is more painful than that of any other insect. Their one weakness is that they cannot stay in water for long. They need to come out on land to breathe well. In order to stay away from its sting it is advisable to get rid of this creature.

The saliva of the water bugs is very powerful it can kill insects of various kinds. In one sting they inject all their saliva in to the skin and within a short period the sting can turn ugly for a person. Sometimes they let out fluid from behind, which can cause more pain than any other sting pain in humans. They also play smart sometimes and fooling these bugs is no joke.

Methods such as Screens and Bacillus Thuringiensis, pyrethrums, detergents, borax, vinegar and keeping the vicinity clean ensure the water bugs stay away from you.

The first and the simplest step that can be taken up is that of keeping your surroundings clean. Not only must you keep your garden, park area, swimming pool and the rooms clean, you must not forget those nooks and corners where often such pests hide. Drainage system of your house must be impeccable. The water bugs breed in water and especially in unclean water. Keeping garbage bag clean is also a good measure to get rid of such water bugs.
By pouring some vinegar in your dishwasher drain, sink drain and other drains in your house you can keep the water bugs away. They are definitely not fond of vinegar.

Add a few spoons of washing detergent (it is better if you have Lemon Joy) on the top of your swimming pool. The water bugs inside the pool would not be able to come up and die of suffocation as the Lemon Joy is sprinkled all over the surface.

Borax is also a good water bug killer. Sprinkle it at your door step or outside your house. Borax sticks in the water bugs’ feet and gradually kills them.

Pyrethrum when sprinkled works efficiently in places where water bugs could hide or come from. Consuming pyrethrum leads to the death of water bugs dwelling in your house or entering in your house.

Bacillus Thuringiensis or mosquito dunks kill the larvae of water bugs stopping their growth further. They must be sprinkled in the water bodies near your house to get rid of these bugs.
If you are residing near any water bodies or have one like swimming pool in your house you may also opt for using window screens. The water bugs can easily enter the house through windows. Putting window screens on the windows would obstruct the water bugs’ arrival in your house.

If all the methods fail and these pests are in no mood of letting you go then you could call upon an exterminator to get rid of all the water bugs residing in your house.

How to Get Rid of Skunks?

Skunks are a big menace to a beautiful house. These are rodents that spread bad odor, plague and rabies. They must be kept away as they are omnivorous and can eat anything from insects to waste products.

For getting rid of skunks there must be light everywhere as they stay in darkness. Skunk repelling products can also be of great use. Pepper spray, filling all holes with mud, placing ammonia near their residing place, using moth balls or calling expert skunk trappers are useful ways of keeping those terrible skunks off your home.

Skunks usually dwell in dark places and the terrible odor emitted by them is far reaching. It spreads easily to about five meters indicating their unwanted presence. Skunks are also known for spreading horrible and deadly diseases such as rabies and plague. If they are merrily dwelling in your house, it’s time to say them goodbye.

In all the dark corners of your house, let there be light, literally! This will keep them away as they adore darkness.

Installing automatic skunk repelling sprays is a good idea. These sense these horrible rodents and spray the liquid automatically which makes the skunks run away.

Pepper sprays are skunks’ big enemies. Spraying them all around the little dark nooks and corners will make them run away.

Skunks are foolish rodents that can get trapped in the skunk traps fairly easily. Keep them in dark places of your house and see the skunks getting trapped to your delight. As soon as you catch them throw them far away before they fill your house with that unbearable stink.

All the holes in your garden must be filled up with mud before these menacing creatures sprung up to irritate you. Leaves can also be used to filling up the muddy holes. This will prevent them from coming in your house through the garden.

Soak pieces of waste clothes in ammonia and keep them in places you suspect the skunks are dwelling. They hate ammonia, so this proves to be a good skunk repellent.

Moth balls are something that again these skunks are scared of. They keep away from them. So place some moth balls in many places of your house and especially in those corners and wards you suspect the skunks are hidden.

It is very important that children be kept away from skunks and protected safely. Skunks are known to spread horrifying diseases that the children are prone to catch quickly. Also moth balls and ammonia soaked pieces of cloth if consumed by little kids in your house could create serious trouble for you. In a skunk dwelling house kids are safer or the bed or around you so that you may keep an eye on them.

If you’ve adopted enough number of methods, but the skunks are not ready to get out at all, call skunk repelling professionals. They will trap all of them and make you feel safer.

No matter which way you adopt keep your house safe and skunk free to get rid of bad odor and deadly diseases.

How to Get Rid of Seagulls?

Seagulls are birds that are far sighted. Tracking out their prey is a child’s play for them. If watched from a distance they look very pleasing to the eye. They pose as a problem to the mankind as they snatch away eatables, drop their waste at cars and other objects and build nests in nooks and corners of houses. They are also aggressive enough to harm human-beings. Seagulls are hence a big nuisance.

Getting rid of them though is possible. Something called seagull spikes is a great way of scaring away these mischievous birds. The seagull spikes create a visionary illusion to the birds that the area they are eyeing for building their nest is insecure. They are easy to keep especially in an open area like a roof or garden. They are small yet very effective.

Similarly Seagull wires are also a very useful way of getting rid of such birds. They do not harm the birds but scare them away easily. They have springs at their ends and are made of metal. As soon as a seagull perches on it they spring back in action making it very uneasy for seagulls to perch on it, hence they start looking for a new destination leaving your home safe from their nuisance. They can be installed anywhere.

Seagull nest moving is another way to get rid of the seagulls. The job of moving away a seagull’s nest is done under legal jurisdictions and special authorities are responsible for doing up this job in case you ask them to. Seagulls become very aggressive if you are trying to move away their nests and if you harm them then legal actions could be taken against you. The seagulls can skillfully be handled by these specialized authorities.

Seagull nets are also available in the markets to be bought to get rid of them. They are perfect to be used in an open area. They are made of a synthetic material. They are long lasting, durable and very reliable. The life span is about ten to twelve years. It could cover and protect even your whole house!

These were simple measures of getting rid of the seagulls once they perch in your home. Whereas there are simple measures to avoid being troubled with such a problem by protecting your house in advance before they actually make their nests on your roofs and gardens.

The first measure is never to leave eatables littered around anywhere near your house or feed the seagulls by any chance. This will encourage them to come again and build their nests permanently.

Seagull scaring equipments must be purchased and installed at your home before they eye your house as their prospective nest building area. Any equipment that produces high intensity sound will also keep seagulls away from you. Such products are inexpensive and easy to install.

Pets are another effective way to scare away the seagulls. Here dogs serve the purpose in the best possible manner. They would chase the seagulls away.
One thing that must be kept in mind is not harming these birds as they are protected living beings. So just scare them away by adopting some effective measures.

How to Get Rid Of Chiggers?

Chiggers are insects which are very small in size and the larvae grow up in the grass usually. Attaching themselves to anything, the larvae secrete digestive enzymes and feed on the host. They dissolve the tissues of the host with their pores and grow. They grow by taking advantage of their host and grow bigger and then lay their own eggs. These live on several types of plants. So if you work in your garden, you could get bitten by one of them. The chigger’s bite becomes red surrounding the area that is bitten and becomes itchy. These wounds take more than 2 weeks to heal. Taking a few of these preventive steps or remedies can help you get rid of chiggers.

Cut any tall grass during the warmer season as chiggers attach themselves to the grass and feed and breed there. Brim the foliage with soapy water solution every week for a month long. Indoors plants affected with chiggers should be kept apart outside the house away from the reach of children and humans in general. Also give the grass the same treatment.

A good way to treat chigger bites from taking ominous proportions is washing yourself with soap and water once the chigger bites you. Chigger bites can be prevented by using repellents. So when you visit a chigger infested place in the garden apply repellants like powders containing sulphur. Apply any repellent powder which is available in the markets in different chemical compound forms. Use it on clothing as well as shoes.

Next keep enough clothing on the body so that there is no part of the body exposed to the Chiggers or the eggs will attach themselves to your skin. Wear long socks that overlap over your pants thus covering up the leg area. When you return, wash your clothes with warm water and soap.

Then, use compounds which contain diethyl-m-tolumide. This is usefully effective to finish off the larvae as well. This can also be used to launder the pants, shirts and shoes as well as wash pets with.

Using products like Citronella that is oil-based act an effective repellent of Chiggers. These may be used in soap and other repellants. While these are normally used to ward off mosquitoes, they are effective against Chiggers and their larvae.

You can use rubber gloves for gardening purposes that way it would prevent contact with the infestation.

Once you get back indoors after treating your garden for chigger infestation, wash yourself with soap and water as you could be carrying a few larvae on your body or clothes. Also wash the clothes with boiling hot water and detergent. Sensitive areas like the back of the ears and arm pits as well as skin of the waist and neck should be thoroughly washed. Rinse well the area between the fingers and toes extra carefully so that the larvae do not remain hidden there. You should scrub yourself with a lot of soap and a loofah to get the larvae especially out of the sensitive areas of your skin. Use a hair dryer directly on the affected area and blow dry with heated air of a temperature that you can tolerate. The Chiggers will drop similar to the way lice respond to heat.

In case you get bitten by Chiggers, the bites get red colored and itch very much. Scratching the bite exposes it to the air and it can get severely infected. Therefore, these bites should be washed with shampoo used to remove lice or by applying a lot of petroleum jelly. You may also use nail polish of a transparent nature, or apply a little extract of green tea. Apply rash cream available in the market for diaper rashes on the bites to get rid of the itching. You can use some home remedies too. Dissolve some aspirin in water and apply to the bites. Take vitamin E of strength 400 IU and get relief in about 20 minutes. The bites will vanish and the itching will disappear.

How to Get Rid Of Carpet Fleas?

We all know how embarrassing it gets when fleas jump out of the carpet in the living room in front of guests. Apart from that, hygiene also becomes a major concern. So what to do about it? How to get rid of these fleas? There are a few cleaning activities which when done on a regular basis will ensure that your carpet remains free from flea infestation.

Vacuuming of carpets should be done thoroughly and on a regular basis, because a single thorough cleaning won’t suffice to completely remove all the fleas. They might reside in various stages of development in your carpet, so regular vacuuming will ensure their total eradication. Also, once the vacuuming is done, add borax or diatomaceous earth to your vacuum bag to kill the fleas before you dispose it off. Another easy method to kill carpet fleas is to sprinkle salt on it, and waiting twenty four hours before vacuuming. Salt helps to kill the fleas and their eggs.

If you want to get rid of a full infestation, you can also try sprinkling diatomaceous earth directly onto the carpet. It is normally considered safe for human beings, better take precautions and wear a dust mask and eye protection equipment to prevent accidental contact with eyes or inhaling. Another method to kill stubborn pests is to mix a mixture of water and borax with your carpet cleaner. Water drowns the fleas and the borax residue left behind ensures that new fleas don’t mature in your carpet. This method is not only very effective, but also works for long durations up to a year.

The last measure you must take while getting rid of the carpet fleas is to treat your pet at the same time, because sometimes fleas can jump off from your pet and infest the carpet again; ruining all the effort you put in getting rid of them.