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How do stain removers work?

The biggest problem that one faces is of removing of stains. Stains can include anything. It can be a stain of lemon juice or some chemical stain on the cupboard. There are stain removers available in the market. But there are basically three kinds of satin removers and they are bleaches, emulsifiers and solvents. All stain removers work on some basic principles. Here are the principles on which the stain removers work.

This is the most commonly used stain removers in the household. There are many kinds of bleaches that are available in the market. If you opt for chlorine based bleaches then they will assist you in wiping out the molecules that are responsible for color. Chlorine based bleaches are strong and corrosive and can even damage fabrics. Another kind of bleach is the Hydrogen peroxide one which is also equally good.

Another kind of stain remover is the solvent based. Solvents dissolve substances and wash them away from the surface. Petrol, benzene, trichloroethylene, acetone are some organic solvents while water and acids may be termed inorganic solvents.

Oil is not soluble in water. Similarly there are substances which are not soluble in water. Emulsifers are compounds which help bind these substances to water, loosen them from the surfaces to which they are clinging and be washed away. Soap is the best known emulsifier to common man.

Nowadays detergents and cleaning agents come enriched with industrial enzymes which help in breaking down the dust and dirt molecules which can then be easily washed away.

How to clean a scanner?

If you are using scanner for any official or personal use, you must know that dust or fingerprints on the glass can degrade the quality of scans. Hence, it is extremely important that your scanner must be well maintained. Here are some important instructions following which you can clean your scanner completely.

Things required
You require getting duster for electronics, source of compressed air, soft and lint free cloth as well as eyeglass cleaner.

Gather all the required things which are mentioned above so that you do not have to search for everything at the time of cleaning.

Keep the scanner’s manual in front of you and go through and instructions and warning which are mentioned by them. If there are any specific instructions mentioned over there, make sure that you consider them while cleaning scanner.

First of all, unplug the scanner.

Take a lint free cloth and spray glass cleaner on that cloth.

Either raise the lid of the scanner or remove it.

Wipe glass in a proper manner till the time you feel that all dust particles and grease have been entirely removed.

Take a dry cloth and wipe off the screen immediately so that there are no marks left on it.

You can repeat the whole process if you feel that the scanner is not cleaned properly.

Clean the outer frame with the mild detergent dissolved in warm water.

Clean the inside portion of the glass only if recommended by the manufacture. It is because most of the manufactures recommend that you must hire professional services for cleaning interiors.

Tips and warnings
You must avoid those typical glass cleaning products as they can leave streaks. Avoid spraying cleaner directly into any part of the scanner. Do not use any kind of alcohol based product on the glass.

How to clean a microwave?

Cleaning a microwave can turn out to be an easy task if you are following the 6 important steps which are mentioned below.

Step 1:
First of all, you need to gather the items which would be required by you for cleaning the microwave. This includes rubber gloves, microwavable bowl, lemon juice, washing up detergent, kitchen spray and the metal scourer. You also need to keep a soft cloth and the paper towel with you.

Step 2:
Now you require clearing the area inside the microwave. Make sure that everything is cleared out from top as well as side of the microwave. Ensure that you are also removing the glass plate from it so that you can easily clean the whole surface.

Step 3:
You need to fill up the microwavable bowl with about third full of water and add few drops of lemon juice to it. Now place this bowl in the microwave and let it boil for around 3 minutes. With the steam of the boiling water, the dirt inside will get soften and lemon juice will act as an agent to remove any bad smells from it.

Step 4:
With the help of detergent powder and the warm water, wash the glass plate smoothly. You must also scrub it with the metal scourer to remove all kind of dirt and dried food.

Spray the kitchen spray inside the microwave to clean it completely and then wipe it with asoft cloth. Make sure that you are cleaning each and every corner of the microwave. Once that is done, wipe the glass plate with the paper towel and place it inside.

Step 6:
After all the above mentioned things are done, have a final look at the microwave and place all the things back into the microwave.

How to Stop Junk Mail?

Are you fed up of unwanted mails? Is your mailbox flooded with junk mails waiting to be disposed off in the dustbin? If yes, then you sure need to find some way out of this trouble of constantly receiving junk mails.

Most people hardly understand it but reducing the amount of junk mails would save our environment to a great extent. The problem of deforestation would reduce and the global warming issue would be resolved to a great extent. All we need to do for all these benefits is stop junk mails. It is an established fact that only 22 percent of the junk mails received by the people in U.S go for recycling and 44 percent of them are thrown way.

The simple solutions to stopping junk mails is registering on Mail Preference Service of DMA, removing your name from the mortgage, insurance and similar companies, directly contacting the companies sending you such junk mails, watch out if anyone gets to know your mailing address and then sends in junk mails. Register with GreenDimes, Proquo etc these companies protect you against the junk mail.

If you receive a mail through first class mail, cut mark the address and draw a circle around the postage and write ‘refused. Return to sender’. By dropping this mail in any of mailboxes, it will be sent back to the sender. In case you receive catalogues from companies, just fax them back by writing ‘ATTN: customer service’ and your instructions on it.

GreenDimes is a company offering services to get rid of junk mails. You just need to pay a nominal onetime fee. Whenever you receive a junk mail, go to GreenDimes type the name of the sender and you would be removed from the mailing list of that company.

Proquo is another effective solution providing company to ditch the junk mails. The best thing about ProQuo is that it offers services free of cost! Log on to their website and enjoy the benefits. Similarly, Catalogue Choice and 41pounds.org are sites that offer junk mail reduction services. OptOutPreScreen.com is a website where you can disassociate yourself from mortgage, credit card and insurance providing companies.

Direct Marketing Association has Mail Preference services. You may choose to register with it. They will put you in the ‘Do not mail’ category. This will ensure that you do not receive any marketing mails.

You can also choose to contact the companies directly sending you junk mails. Ask them to add your name on their ‘do not promote’ list to put an end to your junk mail problem.
Consumer Research Institute has developed Stop the Junk Mail Kit. This is quite useful in ending the problem of constant receipt of junk mails.

So adopt any method you feel comfortable it is going to work wonders and put an end to the problem of junk mails. Simple steps can lead to saving up of a lot of paper that is made by cutting trees. Your small initiatives can be big contributions to global issues.

How to Properly Care for Your Lawn?

Having a lush, green and beautiful lawn enhances the look of your house manifolds. Colorful flowers, green plants and well manicured grass gives immense pleasure to the eye. All of these things require good maintenance and proper care.

A beautiful appearance of your lawn shows, you know exactly how to improve the aesthetics of your house. A lush green lawn in your house makes the environment fresh, serene and pure.

Caring for your lawn would mean preventing insects and pest that could eat the leaves or the grass. Weeds must be removed regularly and garbage should be kept out of it. Proper watering of the grass and plants is essential. Adding manure, fertilizers, keeping soil healthy, mowing and cutting must be your routine work in maintaining a good looking lawn.
The first step towards a healthy lawn is to choose the kinds of plants and grass that are capable of surviving in the climate of the place you live in. Not only plants but grasses are of various types that survive in varying climatic conditions.

Having a healthy soil for your plants is very important. It is essential to keep a check on the pH level of the soil of your grass and plants. The kind of soil that has to be laid down before you plant your grass and trees differs from each other. Organic matters must be added from time to time in the soil for the healthy growth of the plants and grass. Addition of such organic matters provides required nutrition to the grass and helps it retain water too.

Mowing of the grass is also very important. They need to be cut with sharp bladed cutters to avoid harming the grass by tearing its leaves. Trimming the grass will result in a healthy growth and a well manicured look. The best length of the grass should be anything from 2.1/2 inch to 3.1/2 inch. Mower must be adjusted accordingly.

Watering the plants seems to be the simplest task but it needs a lot of care too. Watering too much would damage the grass. Optimum amount of water must be sprinkled all over and not a single area or a bunch of grass should be left without water. In summers water your plants early in the morning so that they are ready for the sunny day that lies ahead. Watering in a way that leaves about an inch of water above the ground would be sufficient as then the soil will absorb around six to eight inches deep water. Before you water your plants again let the lawn dry completely.

Thatches must be removed every now and then before they grow too deep. Their growth leads to absorption of lesser nutrients and water leading to damaged grass. Whenever you find them grown too much cut them off. More than optimum use of fertilizers results in thwarted growth.

Caring for your lawn requires time devotion and love for nature. Your plants can feel your love for them so take good care of them and see them happily swaying in cool breeze.