How much should I weigh?

To determine the ideal body weight of a person, Body Mass Index (Units – weight(kg)/height2(m2)) is considered as the measuring tool to calculate whether the person is moderate, over or under weight. BMI is the tool to measure the fats of a body in relation to the height, weight and sex of an adult. It is recognized as the best standard by World Health Organization to judge the level of obesity in an individual.

You can find out your Body mass by dividing your weight with square of your height. When the body mass of an adult is below 18.5, the person is considered as underweight and he or she needs to increase the weight to live a healthier live. The body mass index of a healthy person is between 18.5 and 24.9. This category is the indicator of ideal weight of a body.

When the Body mass Index of a person exceeds 25, the body is considered to be overweight and needs fat reduction. When the BMI of a person falls between 30 and 40, the category is named as obese. If it exceeds the level of 40, the matter is serious and the extremely obese body needs to be checked.

Body Mass Index (BMI) does not take into consideration the circumference of waist. Waist circumference can also be a good indicator of the fats in the body of a person. When the waist circumference exceeds 35 inches in females and 40 inches in man, they are considered obese and more prone to heart diseases or diabetes. The ideal waist size for women is between 28 and 32 where waist of a healthy man is between 32 and 35.

An ideal body weight helps an individual with a well-shaped and healthier body. A body with an ideal weight is more active and flexible, which indicates less health problems.

How to Lose Weight with Dieting?

Weight loss is the latest fad these days, what with your favorite celebrities flaunting their perfect bodies on screen as well as off it in photo shoots and beach trips. Not only does it make you look great, losing weight and staying in shape is a great fitness plan. It keeps the body healthy, and removes all traces of illnesses and lethargy which are associated with overweight people. There are many different methods of losing weight, the fastest one being going on a crash diet plan. But what good is losing weight that way if you are going to regain it once again when you revert to your normal routine? Don’t forget the hunger and deprivation pangs that come with a ‘dieting’ regime. The best way to lose weight, say experts, is to do it slowly. Take small, significant steps towards losing and maintaining your weight to keep the extra pounds off yourself permanently. Here are a few minor tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to lose weight without dieting.

The first thing you have to do is to eat breakfast. Yes, that’s right. Don’t SKIP it, HAVE it. People who skip breakfast thinking that they can cut down on their calorie intake that way only end up eating more throughout the day. Also, working on an empty stomach only gives out reduced performance in classrooms or offices, because you are hardly left with any energy. Have a whole grain breakfast, complete with cereals or fruits and low fat dairy product to give you a nutritious start in the morning, you should have a filling breakfast, eat more of cellulose if you can it helps give the filling feeling and doesn’t add calories to your meals. Breakfast helps not only to avoid the occasional oily snack, but also keeps you energized during the day.

Stop eating before you sleep. No not immediate STOP but have lesser in meals before you go to bed. Experts advise to stop eating 3 hours before sleep time. So called ‘light’ snacks and munches during television hours or late night conversations are the real culprits for the excess weight you have. Instead of giving in to the temptation of having a bowl of ice cream before you sleep, suck on a hard candy and brush your teeth afterwards to make sure you don’t eat anything else afterwards.

If you want to really lose weight, then watch out for the soft drinks. Sweetened cold drinks are a storehouse of calories, and don’t even satisfy hunger like solid foods. If you are thirsty, buy packaged mineral water. If you feel hungry between meals, a glass of hundred percent fruit juice or vegetable juice is sure to do the trick. Double toned milk or sparkling water with citrus is also a good idea. Wine’s calories add up pretty quickly, so limiting your alcohol consumption to weekends can save a lot of calories from entering your system.
Eating high volume fruits and vegetables help you to avoid high calorie junk food items. Opting for a vegetable salad or soup is also an excellent idea, because they make you feel full even before you actually start the main course. Incorporate these simple steps into your lifestyle, and you will definitely lose weight.

How to Lose Belly Fat?

Belly fat is one of the most common problems associated with modern lifestyle. Fast food diets, lesser physical activity and lack of exercise routines, amidst other factors, are increasingly causing people to acquire paunches because of fat depositions under the stomach. Bellies not only harm an individual’s personality, but they also pose several health risks. Belly fat has been associated with ailments as critical as cardiovascular ailments, and also diabetes. The deepest fat layer which can neither be seen nor be touched is made up of visceral cells, and it is the one which does maximum harm. The visceral fat cells are capable of producing substances like hormones, which can cause problems like insulin resistance and breast cancer. A fatty liver also results in increased insulin resistance, and might even speed up the onset of stage 2 diabetes.

After reading all these problems, it is evident you might want to lost the excess belly fat. The first step that you should take is to wrap a measuring tape around your waist at the navel’s level. If it more than 35 inches in a female or 40 inches in a male, then the condition is unhealthy. You must start taking proper measures to lose fat, the best one being aerobic exercises. There is no method of spot reduction of belly fat, but aerobics cause it to burn away the fastest apart from the fat loss throughout the body.

Instead of crunches, sit ups or other exercises which work your muscles, try to focus on calorie burning exercises. A combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises will work better and also tone your muscles while burning the excess unwanted fat. Exercising has more benefits than simply helping you get in shape. It also reduces stress and levels of insulin in your blood, which in turn causes reduction of Cortisol hormone that is responsible for deposition of belly fat.

Merely visiting the gym and burning calories will yield no results if you don’t make a check on what you are eating. Restricting your calorie intake is essential to make sure that the exercising you do provides visible results. Always make a note of how many calories you consume, and it should not be more than what you burn out while exercising.

Proper dieting will ensure that you retain your fit figure once you acquire it. Eat whole grain food instead of refined grains, because they stimulate glucose and insulin responses of the body, which speeds up the fat burning process.

Avoid food with Trans-fat like cookies and crackers or anything else with partially hydrogenated oil content, because they can cause deposition of more fat in your abdomen. On the other hand, increase your intake of mono unsaturated fatty acids or MUFAs, some rich sources being cashew and peanuts, soybean oil, avocado and olive oil. MUFAs are healthy, and are very helpful in burning belly fat.

The ratio of MUFAs in your diet should always be high, and always keep a check on how many calories you intake, because replenishing the calories you burn by working out so hard is not going to help at all. Brisk walking also helps a lot it helps keeping cardiovascular ailments at an arms length, pace your steps to get the best results. It should be noted that you mustn’t make a cut on your diet, dieting would instead make you weak, take healthy, nutritional diet, and keep a healthy regime. Exercise and proper diet intake can make you lean, mean machine.

How to Get Rid of Water Retention?

If dieting, exercising and maintaining a good fitness regime isn’t helping you lose weight and your body too seems to look bloated it is definitely a water retention problem. This is a problem that prevents body looking slim. It makes a person feel swelled up; hands and feet especially look swollen and bloated. If this is the same problem you are facing its time you get rid of the water retention problem.

Consuming less of sodium, more of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein helps getting rid of this problem.

There are many reasons why a person could get affected with water retention problem. A low fiber diet, lack of physical work, increased intake of sodium, diabetes or pregnancy could be one of the causes of your body retaining more than usual water.

The symptoms of water retention are:
1. Various body parts become swollen,
2. Aching body parts
3. Lack of flexibility of various joints and muscles in the body.

There are few remedial measures that a person suffering from water retention could adopt. A change in diet must be the first step a person should take. Food containing larger amounts of sodium must be avoided. Hence lesser salt should be consumed. The dietary fiber intake must be increased. Fresh fruits, green vegetables are a good source of dietary fiber. They boost metabolism and decrease water retention. Aerated and frizzy drinks must be avoided. They boost water retention. Consuming more water and frequent urination will help detoxify body and prevent water retention.

Exercising is the best thing you can do to your body. It is a great measure to prevent water retention and remain physically fit. Another reason why exercising is great reliever from water retention is that it helps you exert on a physical level leaving you panting and sweating. Sweating will release toxins and excess sodium from the body making you less bloated and putting an end to the water retention problem.

If pregnancy is a cause for the water retention in your body consider it normal. The lower part of your body especially retains water in such a case. Weight gain and bloating a little is not a serious problem as it happens due to the baby weight. After the delivery the problem will get resolved.

Certain medicines bring on the horrible side effect of water retention. If you feel extremely bloated or uneasy you may consult your doctor for stopping the medication or a change in it. This would help you a great deal.

People suffering from diabetes and hypothyroid are also victims of water retention problem. Proper care, medication and preventions must be taken in such cases. Exercising and following a healthy diet or a special diet as prescribed by your doctor would help a great deal.

In case you are unable to overcome the problem of water retention visit a doctor and get a full health check up to diagnose the real cause of it. The doctor will prescribe you the medication and the method to put an end to the water retention problem.

How to Get Rid of Saddlebags?

Saddlebags are a big obstruction in achieving an appealing body structure. They are fat deposits on the side of upper thighs. If you get rid of saddlebags half of the work is done already.

For ditching those ugly saddlebags certain habits must be adopted. Eating healthy food tops the list. Fiber rich foods such as oats, fruits, green vegetables, whole wheat must be consumed. Eating soybean products is also a good way of getting rid of stubborn saddlebags. Natural juices squeezed directly from fresh fruits too are great for overall health and glow of the skin along with saying goodbye to the saddlebags. Lean meat is a high source of proteins. So if you are following an extensive fitness regime consuming them will also be great for saddlebags removal.

Only relying on healthy food will not completely remove your saddlebags. A rigorous exercising program accompanied by healthy food will serve the purpose.

If you are confused about which kind of exercise to start with, it’s actually very simple. Start up with cardiovascular exercises. Go for brisk walking or running on the treadmill. Jog too. Remember not to overdo it. If you are new to an exercise regime start with only fifteen to twenty minutes of brisk walking and slowly increase the time limit. You may also walk according to the distance covered. Start with half a kilometer and then increase the distance covered. You may also listen to your favorite fast paced music using your iPod or mobile phone while walking to make this exercise a fun activity. This will also not let you get tired easily and you will cover a good distance without getting badly tired.

Apart from the brisk walking, jogging or running routine go in for a few exercises work like magic. Go for squats. They would tone your muscles and make them stronger.

Aerobics is also a fun filled exercise which is great for getting rid of the saddlebags. Pilates similarly also helps to a great extent. With the help of Pilates you concentrate on removing fat from your thighs and making lower body look more appealing.

Medicine ball exercises are again a great for getting rid of the saddlebags. They are not only great for your lower body but also for strengthening your back muscles.

Weight training will tighten your muscles and make you lose fat more easily. It must be remembered here that weight training must be done under an expert’s guidance and supervision. Trying your own hand on weight training without any assistance would do more harm than good to you.

An ancient form of exercise that has soon picked up great popularity all over the world is Yoga. Its effects are fast visible and proven to remove not only saddlebags but overall fat from the body. They are done on the physical level but nourish your soul from within. Its goodness and effectiveness cannot be ignored.

Following these simple but effective solutions with dedication will give out best results.