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How to Stop Snoring?

Are you unable to help but snore the night away? Does your partner complains of not sleeping properly only because of your big snoring noises? Do you face embarrassment when you visit your relative’s place for a day or two or go for a night stay at your friend’s home? If the answer to any of the above questions is a yes then you have to help yourself in reducing the snoring or maybe stopping snoring at all.

A few measures to avoid noisy snoring are losing weight (heavy weight makes it difficult to breathe in), quitting smoking, quitting alcohol, getting enough sleep, decongesting nasal passage or altering your sleeping posture.

The problem of snoring may occur due to many reasons. Age can be one factor amongst them. As you approach middle age such problems do happen. The reason for this is that the throat muscles loosen and breathing while sleeping creates noise.

Another reason for snoring could be your weight. If you are obese, snoring happens. Tissues of the throat accumulate more fat than what is required which results in snoring. You must start reducing weight to prevent snoring.

Snoring is more common in men than women. Snoring happens due to throats being narrower and adenoids being larger. The problem of sinus or any other nasal problem might also be the cause of snoring too. If that’s your problem consult a doctor for the same to help prevent snores.

Smoking or consuming liquor can also contribute to noisy snoring. This is because they relax the muscles. Quitting smoking or consumption of alcohol is advised to get rid of snoring.
Pregnancy too can be the reason for snores in some cases. This happens due to the hormonal changes. If pregnancy is the reason for all the snores consult your doctor. It is advisable not to try any anti snoring medicines before consulting the doctor. Taking medicines on your own might prove to be fatal for you and more importantly for your baby. Snoring also might be affecting the amount of oxygen reaching your baby. So it is very important to consult the doctor.

Decongesting your nasal passage helps getting rid of snoring. Do this especially in the morning and at night before sleeping. If that doesn’t clear your nasal passage try some anti congestion medicines but only after you consult a doctor.

Many anti snoring products are available nowadays in the market. Products such as nasal strips etc are of very useful. Anti snore mouth guards are also a great way of avoiding snores. They help keep the lower jaw from being loose and open up. This reduces the amount of snores.

In normal cases of snoring, try sleeping on your side, this could help. One posture that must be completely avoided is sleeping on your back. It boosts snoring. Sleeping with your head elevated also helps reduce snores. Sleeping for adequate amount of hours is also very important as exertion leads to snoring.

Problems such as respiratory allergies might also be the cause of snores. Snoring must not be ignored as they might be a sign of Sleep Apnea, a kind of sleep disorder. This can be serious too. So, consult a doctor before this small problem turns out to be big.

How to Stop Nausea?

Nausea is a feeling of dizziness coupled with vomiting sensation. It can happen due to many reasons. Travelling, certain medicines, pregnancy, indigestion, certain illness might also initiate nausea. This leads to a very uncomfortable feeling and overcoming it becomes difficult.

Few remedial measures to get rid of nausea are chewing gums, mouth fresheners, mints, drinking carbonated soda or lemon juice, acupressure, consuming something salty or a little spicy, having ginger or cardamom or even cloves, consuming any anti nausea medicine or do something that diverts your mind.

In cases of pregnancy, it must be noted that the feeling of nausea in early stages pregnancy is normal. Feeling of nausea in the morning is morning sickness. However, if you experience continued feeling throughout the day or eventually vomit more than two times, it’s better to consult your gynecologist.

While travelling to hilly areas or by sea, people often experience nausea. This happens due to motion, acceleration, deceleration, sudden jerks, and rise in altitude it is called motion sickness. Some people also experience nausea no matter which terrain or which way they are travelling. This is also normal in most cases, again due to acceleration, jerks, sudden brakes, and deceleration.

An overdose of junk food or unhealthy food can initiate nausea. Indigestion takes place in this case making the stomach upset and lacking sufficient strength to digest all food making the person feel like throwing up.

If vomiting occurs accompanied with sharp stomach ache, headache or high fever, it might be a sign of a serious problem. In such a case consulting a doctor is mandatory.

Nausea due to normal circumstances can be overcome by having something that refreshes your taste buds like having a good mint mouth freshener. It is also safe to chew a mint flavored gum or candy. If you don’t want to use such products home remedial measures can also be taken. Consumption of uncooked cardamom or cloves is great and will help recover from nausea to a great extent.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice with a pinch of salt will also serve the purpose. Carbonated clear soda is another drink that can be consumed while you are experiencing nausea. A small piece of raw ginger too can be chewed. Its juice should slowly be taken in while chewing. It might be a little harsh on your taste buds, but works like magic. Consuming something spicy or salty is also great to get rid of nausea.

Acupressure is an ancient yet effective technique of ditching nausea. Press the area between your thumb and the index finger on your palm for a few seconds and release the pressure. Repeat a few times for best results.

A few anti nausea medications are easily available in the market. You may choose to take one of them if nothing else works. It is advisable to have a dispersible tablet because if you have it with water it can trigger vomiting feeling again.

If you’ve tried on all methods but nothing works, you may choose that last resort which is eventually vomiting. As you’ve been trying hard to prevent it but nothing seems to work, it is better to vomit and be relaxed. If vomiting occurs more than two times and you can’t avoid the feeling, consult a doctor.

How to Prevent Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks often go unrecognized by many people. Some even mistake it with a mild heart attack. The reason for this is not being aware completely of what is a panic attack, how it is caused, measures to overcome it and measures to prevent it.

Panic attacks leave a person exhausted and feel terrible. To prevent this several simple measures could be taken. The first one is to avoid any situation or a thing that initiates a panic attack. In case that’s not possible take the situation lightly saying it isn’t that tacky or tough that it can’t be handled. Start taking long breaths. Relax and calm down. Take in small sips of cold water. A cup of tea could also help you relax. Divert your mind with anything that pleases you. Write a solution for the problem and stick it in front of you for every time you get a panic attack your eyes fall on it. If nothing helps see a doctor.

Panic attacks have several reasons associated with it. You might be having a hidden fear deep inside you of something or some situation. You might associate a situation with some unfortunate incident occurred in your life. Some people also suffer from panic attacks due to illness. While they are ill and the body is not strong enough to fight away a situation, panic attacks take place. Hypertension, bad diet, pregnancy, diabetes, any mild or acute illness, excessive intake of alcohol, coffee or any drug, lack of exercise etc. might be the other reasons behind a panic attack.

Panic attacks are generally an outcome of one getting highly tensed or anxious in a particular circumstance. For preventing a situation that could initiate a panic attack one can take simple steps. Diverting your mind would be the best solution. Whenever your minds starts to get an intuitive feeling that you are about to feel excessive nervousness that’s making you feel very uneasy, beware; this could be the beginning of a panic attack. Immediately get up and wash your face or go for a walk. Start humming your favorite tune or start talking to someone whose company you enjoy.

This will make the anxious feeling subside. Drinking cold water slowly or hot cup of tea will divert your mind immediately. Avoid all those people or things that your associate with that situation that makes you panic.

Symptoms of panic attacks are easy to identify. Lack of breath, dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness, asthmatic influence, headaches, chest pains, or fastened heart beats are symptoms of a panic attack. Hiding a panic attack would be of no use. Speak to someone you trust, about it.

To cure panic attacks, full health check up and physical diagnose is essential. Visiting a doctor would serve the purpose. One must never feel shy in telling a doctor what he/she actually feels when struck with a panic attack. Incomplete information of the symptoms would be of little help to the doctor in diagnosing and thereby curing the problem.

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Your Nails?

White spots on nails are common enough that you must have seen them at least once, if not more than that. They are usually caused due to trauma to the fingernails, deficiency of zinc and calcium in your diet, fungal infections or skin related diseases like eczema. In rare cases, these are caused when a person is suffering from a liver or kidney disease. Therefore, if you have recently noticed white spots on your nails and are reading this to find a way to get rid of them, then the first thing you need to do is to understand that they are nothing to worry about.

Actually, there is no direct method for doing away with these spots¬, but there are a few measures you can take that make them go away slowly. First and the most basic way would be to let your nails grow, so that when they separate from the nail bed then you can cut them off with a nail-cutter. A spot in the centre of the nail is most probably a result of trauma, so you can cut it off when it grows out. The white spots might also have been caused due to nutritional deficiencies, so it is important to take a healthy and nutrient rich diet. Eat lots of protein and zinc rich substances, because presence of zinc won’t let the spots appear and proteins will make the nails strong. Eating calcium rich food like dairy products is also advised.

If your nails are completely white, then it might be because of cirrhosis disease caused due to excessive alcohol consumption; so you should immediately stop drinking and should sought treatment for it. Wash your nails thoroughly after work like dusting, gardening, etc because dust and dirt can make bacteria enter your nails and cause fungal infections, a cause for whitening of nails. Since we talked about the fact that trauma also causes the white spots, so avoid trying to remove staples or opening soda cans with the help of your fingernails. Injury can cause white spots to appear during these tasks.

While manicuring, try to be as gentle as possible, because excessive pressure in the cuticles area or pressing the nails backwards too hard can cause damage to the nail bed, thus creating white spots. Buffing nails or trying discoloration treatment to hide or get rid of these spots is not advisable, because nails might get harmed instead. Of all these options, clipping the white spots away when the nails grow out is the best option. Last, but not the least, if half moon shaped spots are occurring repeatedly, then in a rare case it might be because of a liver or kidney problem. So if you observe them occurring on a continuous basis, better consult a doctor.

How to Get Rid of Tetanus?

Tetanus if not treated immediately can cause major problems. Troubles such as lockjaw and muscle cramps can take place leaving the person helpless. Tetanus is not usually an outcome of any rusted iron or plain iron wound on the skin. Any wound exposed to the air can catch airborne tetanus causing bacteria. The bacteria in the wound, starts spreading all over the body from within, resulting in this horrifying problem, tetanus. In severe cases, the patient could be so affected that need for admission to ICU might arise.

There are many treatments that can be tried to get rid of tetanus the first being getting tetanus booster injected every five years. This kind of vaccination protects the body against this problem. Doctors have many immediate remedies for this problem so as soon as lockjaw or other tetanus related symptoms are observed it is always wise to take the patient to a hospital.

By cleaning wounds with an antiseptic, the wound can be protected from further growth of bacteria in the body. Even the smallest of the wounds must not be ignored as it can breed bacteria to cause tetanus.

Magnesium, immunoglobulin, metronidazole and diazepam are medications advisable for getting rid of tetanus.

The tetanus symptoms are clear and evident in a person affected with it. Tetanus attacks the skeletal muscles first so the person gets affected with lockjaw and severe muscle pains in joints or all over the body. In severe cases the body starts to shake and move in an uncontrollable manner and bones start breaking from within, even death may occur in such a case.

To treat patients affected with tetanus, magnesium can be provided. This will help control the movement of the infected muscles. After that proper treatment must be carried out.

Anti tetanus vaccination helps to control the infection getting spread all over the body. It is a good tetanus controller. These anti bodies are infection killers. Doctors are equipped with proper knowledge and vaccinations for helping the patient recover.

Metronidazole is a great helper in curing tetanus. It kills tetanus bacteria and toxins relieving the patient from the possible threats of infection being spread all over the body.

Diazepam is again a great solution for stopping tetanus infection to spread further. It relaxes the skeletal muscles and prevents uncontrollable movements.

It is well said that a stitch in time saves nine. If proper preventions are taken in advance, such dreadful infections will never be able to affect anyone. In early years of a child anti tetanus vaccinations must be given for the safety of the child. It is advisable never to skip your child getting this vaccination in the early years of his/her life.

After every five years one must get tetanus boosters injected in the body.

Whenever your body gets even the smallest of wounds, get an anti tetanus vaccination within 24 hours. Slight fever may happen due to the injection but it is better to play safe.

In scientifically and technologically advanced world, with proper measure it is easily possible to dispel the darkness of such a terrible problem as tetanus.