Animal Life

How many types of insects are there?

An insect can be identified with six or eight legs and three sections of the body- head, thorax and abdomen. There are innumerable types of insect existing in this world. However, entomologists have divided them into 30 scientific groups. The groups are further classified into six broad categories.

First category is of flies, which consists of houseflies, stable flies, Tsetse flies and mosquitoes. These insects breed in garbage, manure or accumulated water bodies. They have a pair of wings that help them to fly.

Next category is named as dragonflies, which consist of thin and carnivorous flies living on the other flies. They breed mainly in water bodies.

Other category is of butterflies, which are the most familiar type of insects. They have two large wings that help them in flying flawlessly. Their main source of food is nectar of flowers. Their life cycle consists of four parts- egg, caterpillar, cocoon and adult.

The fourth category of insect is the beetle. They have round shaped bodies and two pairs of wings- the outer pair of wings are harder than the inner one and help them making a protective shell around themselves. Beetles can walk comfortably, unlike other insects. Some beetles are harmless while others may sting.

The next category is of bugs that include water bugs, cicada, bedbugs and stink bugs. Some bugs can only crawl or hop about while others can fly. However, the similarity between different bugs is their ability to penetrate into food to extract its juice.

The last category contains bees, ants and wasps which are commonly witnessed in the environment. These insects have a nature of working in teams. The queen of their community is supposed to lay all the eggs. They have unmatched coordination in collecting food, laying eggs and even attacking enemy or prey. They have a very organized and structured hierarchical system.

How many species of animals are there?

The answer to this question is quite difficult. However, the number varies within 1,250,000, which are identified. Of these, 1,190,200 constitute the invertebrates, while the rest 58,800 forms the vertebrates.

There are approximately about 5416 mammalian species, 5743 amphibians, 8240 reptiles, 9800 avian species, and 29,300 species of fishes under the vertebrates. The invertebrates are organisms without a vertebral column and form the insects, crustaceans, such as crabs and lobsters and mollusks. These broad classifications are further categorized into sub-heads and classes in accordance with the similarities and differences exhibited by the species. Scientists claim that there can be more than 30 million species of unidentified insects in the rainforests. Carl Linnaeus is credited with recording of the species. He recorded more than 18,000 species on his ventures.

Biodiversity and Counting
Keeping a count of the species revolves around biodiversity. It gives an idea to zoologists and scientists about how the composition of species changes or overcomes change through times and let them examine the factors that affect the count of species.

Factors Affecting Counting
Even with the increase in technologies for maintaining statistical data, counting species always takes a hit because of certain factors. Counting the species is difficult when it comes to varied habitats. For example, organisms that are known to dwell in the soil and other difficult terrains are hard to quantify. Likewise, smaller is the species, the difficult it becomes to keep a note of their number. Another factor that plays an important role in distracting the count is the mass extinction of some species, which may have been brought about by catastrophes, such as the woolly mammoth and rhinoceros and the saber- tooth tigers.

Purpose of Counting
With greater danger of extinction of rare species, it is of vital importance to maintain a detailed record of the animal species. This helps in spreading knowledge about their conservation and preservation.

How to get rid of Wasps?

Wasps are a big nuisance to a peaceful life. They are basically of two types namely, social and solitary wasps. Either of them can be dangerous when stung by them. The social wasps choose homes and build nests to live while the solitary wasps lay eggs near their prey and do not rely on building nests. Be it any kind of wasps it is always wise to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Ways such as lighting fire below wasp nest, not leaving any sweet or sugary item or waste products in the open and maintaining cleanliness are of great help keeping wasps away.
Social Wasps are known to build nests both on a wall or an elevated area and an underground area. To get rid of them it is advisable to get rid of the nest altogether. It must be kept in mind that before removing wasp nests located in an underground area, wear rubber apparel above your clothes with rubber gloves. Any highly inflammable fuel must be poured in the underground opening where the wasp nest is located. Cover the area immediately. The wasps will suffocate till death due to fumes and smell.

For removing wasp nest build on an elevated area, lighting fire beneath it will scare away the wasps and then removing their nest is possible. Before you do all of that wear thick clothes to avoid being stung by a wasp. Something called the pressurized bomb is available in the market. Instructions must be followed while using it. This method is known for its prompt effectiveness.

One of the simple methods to avoid the wasps entering your house is never to leave any sweet or sugary substance or eatable in the open. This attracts the wasps. They love sugar. This can be an advantage too in killing wasps. Hang a jug full of water partly diluted honey or sugar syrup on a tree near your house. The wasps will get attracted to it and enter the jug. The sugar syrup or the honey will stick the wasps’ wings and they will die of drowning in it.

Garbage and unhygienic surroundings is also a big time wasps’ attractor. The garbage bag must be tied tightly to avoid wasps getting attracted to it. Your house, park area and garden must be clean and garbage free. Disposing of waste products and garbage is necessary for keeping the environment clean and wasps away from you.

When you are holding an outdoor party with lots of non vegetarian dishes on the menu, the wasps are bound to get attracted to your house. A simple measure in such a case can keep them away. Hang a piece of beef liver to the tree and below it place a mug or a jar full of soap water. The wasps will get attracted to the beef liver. On consuming it they will feel heavy and will be unable to fly away. This will make them drop in the jar and die drowning in the soap solution.

In case you are scared of trying any of these methods call on a professional wasp nest destroyer to help you get rid of wasps.

How to get rid of squirrels?

Squirrels look awfully cute and fluffy but can cause a lot of damage. Not only do they eat all your bird food but also the feeder. Sometimes they create nests in your attic and your soffits and are pretty tough to get rid of. They house ticks and fleas in their fur which can cause a menace if you have house pets and can destroy your garden as well. The problem with squirrels is that they always move in large numbers. This means, you don’t have to get rid of one or two squirrels but an entire colony. Using poison might be effective but can leave rotting squirrels in your attic and create a bigger problem than solving it. There are better and more effective methods to get rid of these rodents.

If you plan on having a bird feeder, get one which is squirrel proofed. Most of these come with a lifetime guarantee and save the feed for the birds. It doesn’t take squirrels to consume a large amount of feed in no time. So please invest in a good quality feeder even if slightly expensive.

Keep the feeders clean. This will take care of squirrels as they don’t come to feeders which have nothing to offer. Keep the feeder in the open and away from any launching pads as squirrels can jump very high but are not so good on open ground. Keep garbage cans well covered. Squirrels will thrive on any kind of food left open, even if its leftovers in your garbage can. If the squirrels start to become a serious threat, use live traps with peanut butter and then remove the squirrels from the vicinity.

To protect your plants and your fresh veggies from squirrels, use a fence with is buried a good 12 inches underground. Squirrels can dig which makes it important that you save the bulbs and underground veggies from them. Just use a mesh with a fence to do the trick. However, if its blooming flowers that needs protecting from squirrels, use an effective squirrel repellent like Squirrel Away. Squirrels stay away from hot pepper. This can be cayenne pepper or even ground black or white pepper. These can be used as additives to bird food also.

If it’s your house the squirrels are chewing on or building nests in, you need to find all the entry points and seal them. The squirrels need to access your attics and soffits from some point, you need to find it and close it. Try using a method where you put a trap at the entrance so that any squirrel trying to get in gets trapped. This way you can collect all the little offenders and then relocate them to a nearby wooded area.

How to Get Rid of Roundworms?

Roundworms are a nuisance to both mankind and animals. It’s a disease fatal to your pets. Getting rid of them should be your prime concern. It is important to take measures to get rid of roundworm.

For getting rid of roundworms you must de-worm your pets, be it cats or dogs before you start breeding them. Get them wormed again after about five months to evade any chance of them catching the disease.

Another way of avoiding roundworms is by getting rid of mice if any. Generally there are more chances of a cat getting infected with roundworms as they eat mice. Getting fed on any animal that is infected with roundworms spreads it.
Avoiding going to areas where already a good number of pets are present, for example, avoiding parks is also a good way of ditching roundworms. Roundworms survive for a long period in the soil and hence spread the disease to animals defecating in an open area.

Proper sanitation provisions must be taken in the area where you are residing. Disposing of human and animal feces in an inappropriate manner encourages the breeding of roundworms. In case you are visiting such places where sanitation facilities are not proper, self hygiene of highest order must be maintained to avoid roundworms.

A treatment called Pyrantel Pamoate is also advised for getting rid of roundworms. For pets about three doses are sufficient for getting cured. Many other medications apart from Pamix, Strongid, D-Worm, Worm-x and Nemex exist in the market like, Albendazole and Mebendazole. They can be given to the pet in accordance to the veterinarian’s advice.

The disease can easily be spread from the parent to the child. Hence proper medication should be provided to your parent pet in the stage of pregnancy itself to avoid it getting passed on to the child. In the early months of a new born pup or a kitten, proper care must be taken to avoid this disease. Consultation with a renowned veterinarian is advised.

This disease can easily be diagnosed in animals if taken proper notice of. The most common symptoms are worms in your pet’s bed area, bulging belly, and weight loss, loss of appetite, diarrhea or vomiting. These symptoms require your attention and immediate action must be taken in order to avoid complications. Delaying may lead to more severe consequences. The medication for roundworm needs to be given with care, according to the instructions of the veterinarian.

Roundworms develop from eggs found in animals feces. It may develop because the animal must have consumed another animal carrying the roundworm eggs or feces carrying them. It easily spreads from intestines to the lungs. If it is coughed by the animal, the nearest animal may get in contact with it can get affected too.
Roundworms not only dwell in animals but can affect humans too. In humans they grow up to a length of thirteen inches and in animals it stays to about four inches. The best way to get rid of roundworms is to take necessary precautions as it is well said that prevention is better than cure.