How to get over a break up?

Break ups are always a hard thing to digest, may be it is due to the rejection or due to the pain of relationship failure. But then you will be required to come out of it and so it is important that you know some things that can help you to get over the break […]

How to avoid hair loss?

A very common problem that is faced by people today is of hair loss. This can be due to many reasons. Mental stress, irregular diet pattern, not taking proper care of your hair, etc. are some of the reasons. There are certain measures that you can take at home and avoid your hair fall problem. […]

How to avoid acne?

Becoming an adult brings with it the problem of acne. This is one which is generally found in teenagers to a greater extent along with some percentage of adults. It is very difficult and time consuming to get proper treatment for acne so the best way is to avoid it. You will find many products […]

How many moons does Venus have?

Planet Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. Situated just before Earth in the solar system, it does not have any moons. The reason behind the absence of moons could be the placement of the planet so close to sun. All the planets […]


How old is the earth?

This has always been a tricky question for the researchers and scientists. There are many approaches to calculate the scientific age of the earth. Some researchers believe the Earth is about 6,000 years old while others believe that it is as old as 4.56 billion years. The age of the oldest rocks on the Earth […]

How old are the oldest rocks on earth?

The oldest rocks found on earth until 2008 are known to be 4.03 billion years old. These rocks were found in Canada’s Northwest Territories called Acasta Gneiss. Originally, this rock was found as a part of an old mountain chain. Its core was exposed due to glacial activities over billions of years. This oldest rock […]

How much oil and coal is left in the world?

About 1.2 trillion barrels is the amount of oil in the world today. The amount looks too huge but humans consume a huge amount. Besides, the supply of oil is decreasing. The demand outstrips the supply. Some believe that 1.2 trillion barrels would run out in 44 years if the present usage reports were taken […]

How much energy does the sun generate?

The sun generates nearly 386 billion million gigawatts, most of which is electromagnetic radiation. In comparison, a nuclear reactor makes only one gigawat of energy. Only a fraction of this radiant energy reaches the Earth and is responsible for all life. The Sun produces heat and light through an unceasing series of nuclear reactions. This […]

How many types of vitamins are there?

Vitamins are broadly categorized into two classes that include water-soluble and fat-soluble. This classification is based upon their solubility and is further split into sub- categories. Vitamins are compounds, which enable in bringing about improved body functions and metabolisms. Fat Soluble Vitamins The fat- soluble vitamins include vitamins A, K, D, and E. These vitamins […]